HR Issues SMEs Face And How ThisWay Global Can Help

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Small businesses are the backbone of most economies. In the United States, for instance, small businesses provide over half of all jobs. In the UK, 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the beginning of 2015 were small businesses, and total employment in small-medium businesses was 15.6 million (60% of the private sector). Yet filling these jobs can be an unexpectedly daunting task. Small and “medium” businesses (SMEs) are often faced with budget issues that make for lack of official HR staff, and without the proper staff, public awareness of open positions (among other issues) can be a big problem. And just because someone finds out you’re hiring and applies, doesn’t mean they’re entirely qualified for the job at hand. So what happens when your business, part of your country’s backbone, is hunched over with exhaustion from the pain, cost and inefficiency of the process? Simply seek the help of a metaphorical HR chiropractor – ThisWay Global.

Technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in business, and ThisWay Global have spent the last two years at the University of Cambridge using Big Data and developing unique algorithms based those designed to help fighter pilots, XBox players and matchmakers find what they are looking for; reducing cost and increasing efficiency in this broken market. Small businesses might not realize that they can really put technology-specifically HR software- to use cost effectively when it comes to their hiring needs. Hiring is yet another thing that has been streamlined and upgraded with websites and apps, so it’s important to take advantage of that as an SME and keep up with recruiting in the twenty-first century. HR software doesn’t do the job on it’s own of course, but it makes the process smoother for the user enabling the right companies to find the right people for them; people with the set of skills, attitudes and driving forces truly suitable for their business as it moves forward. Software like this simply frees up time, reduces cost and stress whilst increasing satisfaction for both the employer and the employee.

Resource dedication usually proves to be an issue for SMEs. Because the companies are small- some employees serve a dual-purpose, leaving supervisors and managers with the task of completing evaluations and setting up/following procedures during the hiring process. ThisWay is an essential tool for such supervisors, as it serves as an innovative “hire and be hired” matching app. These hard-working multitaskers now have a “GPS for hiring”, which just makes their job easier.

Now let’s say your business does have a separate, dedicated HR staff. The HR department may still be faced with the issue of marketing. That’s right, marketing. Getting the job listing out there in the public eye so that it’s seen by the right candidate. Public awareness can actually be yet another hurdle. Even high-profile household names have problems finding new employees, as the post millennials no longer adhere to previous work motives and practices. So as the competition for people intensifies, how will everyone know you’re startup or SME is hiring? That’s also where ThisWay Global can help. The essential “GPS for hiring” serves not only your small business, but groups and individuals. With this tool, you can find the right resumes and the right resumes can find you.

Running a small business is hard, so let ThisWay Global help make it a little easier, and help you find the right people to work for you.

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