Angela Hood Speaks on “Retaining Top Talent” at SXSW Inc. Founders House in Austin

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From SXSW Inc. Founders House-Angela hood, by Erica Rich, 2024, Pixieset

Founder & CEO of ThisWay Global, Angela Hood, had the great opportunity to speak along with Joe Ferencz, founder and CEO of Gamefam, and Milton Antony, the co-founder of SalesLabX. Together, they took center stage to share their insights on “Retaining Top Talent: Keeping Star Employees Happy in the New Workplace.” However, it wasn’t just about strategies for retention; Angela Hood had something groundbreaking to announce—a bold initiative poised to revolutionize the AI & Data landscape: Sully’s Sandbox.

As Angela Hood delved into the nuances of talent retention, she seamlessly integrated her announcement about Sully’s Sandbox, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the future of use of AI & data. Sully’s Sandbox, offers a dynamic and immersive platform designed to provide a marketplace for unbiased and diverse AI and data. She stressed the significance of ethical and compliant technology use in fostering a fair and inclusive workplace environment—which staffing powerhouse Randstad already benefits from with Sully’s Sandbox. 

Moreover, Angela Hood emphasized how Sully’s Sandbox aligns with her overarching goal of creating workplaces where star employees feel valued, empowered, and fulfilled. By leveraging innovative technology and gamified experiences, Sully’s Sandbox offers a novel approach to ensuring AI & data is ethical and compliant. 

From SXSW Inc. Founders House-Angela hood, by Erica Rich, 2024, Pixieset

In the broader context of talent retention, all three leaders agreed that using technology purposefully and with transparency is a key component of retaining top talent. When making transparent decisions around the use of technology, particularly AI, this removes the fear some employees have when it comes to their job security. 

Overall, the future of talent acquisition and retention will continue to evolve, promising new opportunities for organizations to thrive in the dynamic world of work.

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