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Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition: Sport Clips' Journey with ThisWay Global and IBM Watson Orchestrate


Sport Clips, a leading sports-themed hair salon franchise, faced challenges in optimizing their talent acquisition and candidate pool. They sought to enhance their outreach efforts, streamline candidate scheduling, and improve overall operational efficiency. To address these challenges, Sport Clips partnered with ThisWay Global and IBM Watson Orchestrate.


ThisWay Global, an AI-powered talent acquisition platform, and IBM Watson Orchestrate, an intelligent automation solution, were implemented to revolutionize Sport Clips’ talent acquisition process with the goal of enabling franchisees to efficiently source qualified talent within their respective markets. 

Streamlined Talent Outreach

ThisWay Global’s AI-powered talent acquisition platform enabled Sport Clips to optimize their outreach efforts. Advanced algorithms targeted relevant talent pools, ensuring the franchise reached the most qualified candidates. By leveraging AI-driven insights and analytics, Sport Clips tailored their outreach strategies and enhanced their employer brand presence.

Automated Candidate Scheduling

IBM Watson Orchestrate’s intelligent automation capabilities streamlined candidate scheduling. Seamlessly integrated with ThisWay Global’s platform, the automation system facilitated personalized interview invitations, coordinated availability, and sent automated reminders. This automation saved time for franchise hiring managers and candidates, reducing scheduling conflicts and allowing hiring managers to spend less time sourcing talent, and more time in operations.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Combining ThisWay Global’s talent acquisition platform with IBM Watson Orchestrate’s intelligent automation, Sport Clips achieved enhanced operational efficiency. The AI-powered platform identified and prioritized suitable candidates, reducing time spent on reviewing irrelevant applications. IBM Watson Orchestrate’s automation streamlined repetitive tasks, freeing up hiring managers to focus on strategic activities and improving overall productivity.

Results & Benefits

The partnership between Sport Clips, ThisWay Global, and IBM Watson Orchestrate delivered remarkable outcomes:

Improved Outreach and Candidate Quality: Sport Clips enhanced their talent sourcing strategies, reaching a larger pool of qualified candidates and securing top talent for their salons.

Streamlined Candidate Scheduling: IBM Watson Orchestrate’s automation simplified scheduling, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity and Operational Effectiveness: The combination of ThisWay Global’s platform and IBM Watson Orchestrate’s automation increased overall productivity, allowing recruiters to focus on candidate evaluation and engagement.

SportsClip Case Study infographic


Through their transformative partnership with ThisWay Global and IBM Watson Orchestrate, Sport Clips has successfully revolutionized their talent acquisition process, enhancing their outreach, streamlining candidate scheduling, and improving operational efficiency. The results speak for themselves – improved candidate quality, enhanced productivity, and a stronger talent acquisition funnel.

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