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Maximize your Talent Acquisition ROI

ThisWay's technology goes beyond traditional recruiting methods by providing additional features that enhance the diversity recruitment process.

Recruitment Automation

Talent professionals spend hours looking through resumes submitted through job boards and vetting candidates in their applicant databases. ThisWay can help speed up your organization’s talent acquisition process and some of its unique business automation features.

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Streamline the hiring process by automating repetitive tasks such as resume screening, scheduling interviews, and sending follow-up emails.

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Improved Candidate Experience

Automation can provide quicker responses to applicants, keeping them engaged throughout the hiring process.

Time is a precious commodity in the recruitment process.

These innovative tools offered by ThisWay Global are propelling talent acquisition into a future that is not just about filling vacancies, but about strategically discovering and attracting the right talent to drive growth and success in an organization.

Elevate your recruitment strategy and ensure you're securing the top talent in the industry with ThisWay Global.

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A technology-first approach

ThisWay Global’s platform is designed to help organizations tackle the challenges of diversity recruitment head-on and achieve meaningful and lasting results

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Easy 30 Minute Integrations

By partnering with ThisWay, our AI-powered automated integration platform will help increase customers and grow revenue.

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Mitigate Bias

ThisWay’s learnings from 15.5 Trillion matching events redacts key data allowing each applicant to initially be reviewed based on skills to meet the needs of the role without Bias triggers.

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Do More With Less

ThisWay completely automates the sourcing in the recruiting process through our platform, and delivers a qualified pipeline of diverse applicants; ready to learn more about your opportunities.

Trusted by leaders

ThisWay Global is an award-winning, Google-accelerated, venture-backed leader in the AI, business automation and HR tech industries.


"As an HR professional, I am a team of one. While trying to effectively manage hundreds of resumes across several different job titles, ThisWay Global's technology, which was integrated with my ATS, is incredible. It was like having an experienced recruiter pull the most qualified candidates to the top of the list, but it happened in just seconds! This saved me many valuable hours that can be put towards other tasks and speeds up the hiring process quicker. ThisWay's technology is both affordable and highly effective."   

HC Tech

HR Manager - Chicago, New York

"ThisWay Global provides our team with insight and capabilities not otherwise found in the marketplace. Their commitment to bias removal is a massive differentiator for our global customer base and their matching technology is far superior."

Spin-Out from Deloitte

Co-founder - San Francisco

"I was skeptical until I saw our tech go live, fully integrated with customers, within a couple of days. ThisWay’s genAI integration tech is truly remarkable technology."


SaaS Technology Vendor CEO

One step to improve your workflow

ThisWay Global brings automation, accuracy, and efficiency to the recruitment process, enabling recruiters to focus on what matters most: Connecting with top talent and fostering positive candidate experiences.