Compliant AI for Talent Professionals

Compliant AI for Talent Professionals

Compliance is important for those organizations that are starting to use AI to automate their processes, especially in the talent acquisition space. With ThisWay your organization can achieve compliant AI with its talent acquisition processes. Some of the driving frameworks behind compliant AI include:

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How Does Compliant AI Help Reduce Bias in the Applicant Screening Process?

When you utilize ThisWay for talent sourcing, one of the hallmark features includes redacting certain information about a candidate. Rather than focusing on information, such as a candidate’s background, ThisWay helps your organization understand how their skills match the job requirements that you have provided. Furthermore, ThisWay also can optimize your job description to help you find the best possible candidates. By debiasing your job description, your organization will find talent that is suited for the position. Here are some of the other benefits of utilizing ThisWay and its compliant AI features. 

Applicant to match their skills

Screening hundreds or thousands of applications is a daunting task for recruiters, who may overlook some qualified candidates in the process. Moreover, traditional screening methods such as resume and cover letter analysis can be biased. Recruiters may judge a candidate’s skills based on their education or work experience rather than their skills, potential, problem-solving abilities, etc..

Another problem is the high cost of hiring the wrong candidate. A company’s hiring decision could significantly affect its success or failure. Traditional screening may not be adequate to determine if a candidate is the right fit for a company. There is always a risk of overlooking potential employees who possess a different set of skills and experiences.

Traditional screening can lead to the lack of diversity in the workplace. When recruiters rely solely on education, work experience, or connections, they overlook other qualities that make a great candidate. This bias towards traditional metrics can perpetuate discrimination and exclusion. 

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Minimize Your Reliability Posting on Job Boards

More than two thirds of organizations rely on a social media platform, like LinkedIn, or a job board to source talent. With ThisWay, you can actively or passively find candidates who might be a good fit for your organization. This is where the “Attract” and “Discover” features come into play. 

With Attract, you can optimize and debias your job posting before sharing it with ThisWay’s network of 8,500+ diversity partners. Your job posting will only be shared with those individuals who possess the skills for the position that you are looking to fill. Discover is another feature of ThisWay that lets you search for potentially qualified candidates who are a good fit for your organization. 

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Leverage Your Existing Applicant Data

ThisWay also lets you look in your existing applicant database. “Reveal” will easily connect ThisWay with your database, letting you filter existing candidates. “Score” is another feature that will let you screen existing applicants if you do not have a database. ThisWay will redact the applicant’s background information that might bias the screening process, letting you focus exclusively on the skills that qualify them for your open position.

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Source Candidates Without the Bias

When you create job descriptions for job boards, certain words can create bias in terms of the applicants that will apply. Phrases such as “work hard, play hard,” may discourage certain demographics from applying for the position. With ThisWay, you can minimize bias with your job postings and push those positions to candidates who are a good fit, regardless of their background.  

The Features That Drive Compliant AI In ThisWay

The core features of ThisWay include Attract, Discover, Reveal, and Score. Here is how these features help your organization:

  • Attract: Attract lets you surface job postings to qualified candidates, saving you the time and effort of having to utilize traditional job boards.
  • Discover: This is a passive technique that lets you find candidates based upon the inputs that you provide, utilizing ThisWay’s network of diversity partners.
  • Reveal: If you have applicants in an existing database, Reveal integrates with that database to let you find the desired candidates.
  • Score: Score will let you upload your job description, debias it, and compare it to candidate information that you upload to our UI. 

You can also utilize IBM watsonx Orchestrate when working with ThisWay. You can easily automate outreach and expand your reach to 169 million qualified candidates, effectively eliminating the work that gets in the way of finding qualified applicants for your organization. 

How Does Compliant AI Save Your Organization Time?

Typically, an organization will spend anywhere from four to six weeks vetting talent for an open position. Instead of the manual vetting process that can take several weeks, AI can reduce the hiring process down to a few days. Compliant AI significantly reduces time-to-hire by analyzing applications quickly, identifying the most qualified candidates, and streamlining the initial review of each application. In fact, implementing compliant AI screening solutions could save up to 50% of your talent acquisition team’s time.

The average recruiter can spend hours upon hours reviewing candidate resumes when screening for a position. ThisWay’s proprietary features will save your organization time from having to manually review resumes, letting the recruiter more efficiently filter through qualified applicants, while reviewing the skills that qualify the applicant for the position. 

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If you want to streamline your talent acquisition process, you should consider booking a demo with ThisWay. Our platform will let you identify candidates who are a good fit for your organization. The algorithms and matching events utilized by ThisWay are compliant, and ensure that your organization can quickly match candidates to your open position. Book a demo with our team today to learn how ThisWay can benefit your organization’s talent acquisition process.