What’s the Story

What's the story?

ThisWay was incubated for more than three years at ideaSpace, University of Cambridge. Our mission is to use advanced technology to match people to jobs, not resumes to job descriptions.

The difference is much deeper and higher quality matching, while also improving efficiency.

Our initial research and development team was from 14 countries and spoke 9 languages. This, plus our strong business ethos, helped us remove bias from our algorithms.

We now deliver enormous benefit to both employers and candidates…ThisWay.

Our Match-ic™ machine learning algorithms can do in minutes what it takes a human a week to do.  This leaves recruiting teams with time to do their high-value work.  We take care of the hi-tech so you have time for the high touch objectives that are critical for business success.

So what can we do for you?

  • Parse: both resumes & job descriptions
  • Match: all applicants to all jobs
  • Removing Bias: increase diversity, inclusion and ROI
  • Sourcing: identify qualified candidates from 340 million candidates
  • Score: provide a scored Candidate Leaderboard with all qualified candidates
  • Automate: interviews and interview scheduling

Our mission is to efficiently serve businesses and individuals

with the most relevant, affordable and diverse hiring solutions.

Angela Hood


Alex Shmelev


Justin Hood

VP-Operations, Government Services

Ryan Holly

VP of Sales

Victoria Hood

Customer Success & Query Engineer

Daniel Snell

Frontend Engineer