What’s the Story

What's the story?

Six years ago our CEO/founder, Angela Hood, began research and development at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge with the goal of solving the job problem for both people and companies.

Research showed that individuals from across the globe were frustrated with not being able to find a job where they could thrive and companies were looking for employees that had the right skills but were also a better cultural fit and more engaged with work.

We have learned a great deal from the study of 48,000 jobs across the globe and mapping the career journey of 320+ million global workers.

The ultimate goal was to match people to jobs, rather than continuing the outdated approach of matching a resume/CV to a job description.

There have been many twists and turns along the way but ThisWay’s customers now experience the benefit of years of R&D and more than 15.5 trillion matching events. (which is 52 times the number of stars in our galaxy!).

Through our journey we gained three key insights that drives our work every day.

  • Both candidates and employers have bias that keep them from finding the success they are looking for.
  • True job to candidates matching can only happen when you understand the dynamics behind each, as well as they employer.
  • That the ethical use of de-biasing with machine learning we can address both #1 and #2, while providing both people and companies with the job market intelligence that has been missing until now.
Our technology now helps some of the most prestigious and innovative companies in the world. Our customers come from all sectors and employ individuals of all types. We look forward to finding out more about you and how our technology can help you achieve the outcome you desire…ThisWay.

Our mission is to efficiently serve businesses and individuals

with the most relevant, affordable and diverse hiring solutions.

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