Angela Hood at SIA’s Dallas Event

ThisWay’s Automated Intelligence wins Audience Favorite at SIA’s Dallas Event

September 28, 2022

ThisWay Global came home with the Audience Favorite award during SIA’s 2022 Gig Economy Conference ‘Shark Tank’ competition. Collaboration in the Gig Economy is a one-of-a-kind event where tech, talent solutions and suppliers converge to collaborate on strategies for the evolved workforce of tomorrow.

Participating executives were given five minutes to pitch their company to a panel of judges and audience. Following the pitch, judges had an additional five minutes for questions and answers. For attendees, this was a great way to get a sense of the latest potential disruptors as well as the possibilities for innovation in the talent supply chain.

Our very own Founder and CEO Angela Hood took the stage to represent ThisWay. She did a fantastic job sharing our goal of providing unbiased talent matching and sourcing through a proprietary network of more than 8,500 unique, diverse community partners.

Founder and CEO Angela Hood took the stage to represent ThisWay

“We have all suffered as a result of bias, but our team is passionate about building artificial intelligence-based technology that removes this bias and helps us to each be the best version of ourselves,” says Hood.

Executives were selected from five workforce solutions ecosystem firms with 30 finalists taking the stage during the event to pitch their technology. This was the highest number of applicants the program had ever seen.

We were honored to be selected as a finalist and especially grateful to have been selected as Audience Favorite! The audience was composed of executives from staffing firms across the globe.

Audience members chose ThisWay due to the ever-changing nature of the job market. Hiring biases are increasingly common and easy to spot. With our technology allowing candidates who have often been overlooked to receive the visibility they deserve, labor gaps will more easily be filled.

2022 Gig Economy Shark Tank

This is a huge signal of the movement of removing bias from taboo topic to mainstream focus.

The staffing industry is rapidly growing as is the importance of addressing bias before it scales with that growth.

We are honored to be a part of the change of equal hiring practices and what that holds for the future of our workforce.

Angela Hood, founder and CEO of ThisWay Global at SIA’s Dallas Event

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