3 Key Concepts of an Enjoyable Workplace Culture [Part 3]

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Whether your company culture is more like the creatively propelled Warby Parker, the competitive-to-no-end nature of Amazon, or somewhere in between, there are a few common themes that can be found in companies that reap success from the culture they’ve established.

Some are easier to launch than others, but with the right team of people and enough patience, any company can develop the kind of culture they desire, and ThisWay Global can find the people that will fit perfectly.




Diversity inherently creates success. When a wide range of minds and experiences work towards the same goal, the combined perspectives and the variety they bring contributes to quicker problem solving and even better, broader market appeal. This reduces turnover rates as well by contributing to company morale, and “[enhances] employee engagement by showing the company understands and respects different cultures.”  

ThisWay Global utilizes a cutting-edge match-ic system that keeps applicants anonymous, highlighting their skills, abilities, and experience over personal details that might contribute to an inherent bias. We can also use this technology to procure candidate pools catered to your specific diversity preferences.

For example, if there were a need to increase the number of women in the office, we would provide a list of matched applicants, all displayed with statistics detailing why they fit. The applicants would all maintain anonymity, but the company or recruiter would have the benefit of having a candidate pool made up of more women than men, increasing the odds they blindly contribute to the need for diversity while ensuring a good fit.

 Communication promotes fulfillment. It’s impossible to expect a new hire to understand the company culture if no one takes the time to explain it. Whether it’s an environment that’s well-established, or the introduction to a company-wide new way of thinking, the best chance at continuity is upfront communication.

From casual precedents to firm policies, giving new hires the opportunity (or as the new hire, asking enough questions to extract this information) to understand the workplace culture is key to achieving and maintain your desired environment.

Google is one of the most well-known examples of this. By enforcing an open-door policy, ideas can travel quicker, and snags in productivity can be resolved faster. It also fosters a sense of community within the office, encouraging open communication between all levels of staff.

ThisWay’s platform will ensure the applicants’ and the company’s communication needs and abilities match up, inspiring fluid collaboration and generating an inclusiveness that will attract the best talent.


Perks may seem a bit obvious, but the kind of perks that improve company culture vary from company to company, and even from group to group within every business. While there may be some expectation for ping-pong tables or beanbag chairs, there are other companies keeping the perks as cutting edge as they are with things like egg freezing being included in some employee benefit packages. The morale boost that comes with social events like bi-weekly pizza parties or individual rewards for exceptional performance has a direct influence on the quality of service clients and customers receive.

Not every company is a multi-billion dollar giant, and can’t offer the same big perks companies like BigCommerce. Fortunately, not all the best talent is looking for insanely cushy benefits. Plenty of intelligent, hard workers don’t need catered lunches or scooters to get around the office.

ThisWay considers the kind of perks a company can offer and keeps the candidate pool clean of anyone who would end up turning down any job offer made, simply because there aren’t enough fun benefits to working there.


There are so many other ways to cultivate and nurture your desired company culture, but most of them boil down to some combination of these three concepts. Careful research can really shine a light on what a good match entails, but that can take some time. Creating a personal, recruiter, or company passport with ThisWay Global reduces the amount of time and labor involved in the hiring process by providing matches based off over sixty individual data points, many of them speaking of these ideas.

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