Diversity is essential

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Diversity in the workplace goes beyond age, gender and ethical background. True workplace diversity covers wide range of factors from religion and sexual orientation to disabilities and even body weight. As labor pool demographics shift and global markets develop, workforce diversity has become a business necessity. A McKinsey study found that a company with diverse staffing outperforms the non-diverse ones by 15 percent (gender diverse) and 35 percent (ethnically diverse). According to diversity and inclusion expert, Stephen Frost, “If you don’t increase the gene pool, you restrict the ability to come up with new ideas and serve new markets. If the UK restricts business access to talent and to markets then it may be bad for business, especially entrepreneurs seeking new ideas or at a critical juncture in their evolution.” While some recruiters have their “pre-existing unconscious biases” and tend to recruit the ones who share their own image, our advanced recruiting technology does otherwise. Our Match-ic technology has been developed to provide individuals and businesses unbiased and more analytical diversity recruitment results. This occurs because the matching is based on the analysis of large amounts of quality and informed data rather than which school you went to. Therefore, the outcome for both individuals and businesses is un-biased and diverse.