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How ThirdLove Reduced Their Time-To-Hire From 45 Days To 14 Days

The Problem

With over 42 open job requisitions, ThirdLove experienced a common problem associated with explosive growth: the sudden need to identify the skill sets that can help their company thrive and to quickly fill much needed roles.
Additionally, ThirdLove wanted to hire people that would fit their women-centric brand of self-love and empowerment that could relate to their customers.

Our Solution

Ai4JOBS’ integration with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System was the perfect solution for ThirdLove to get instant results with little change to their existing recruitment workflow. Using AI technology, our REVEAL product is able to analyze candidates and individually rank from most qualified to least qualified right within their ATS interface. Through trillions of previous matching events, the ThisWay matching technology has already learned to remove bias and identify the best candidates with a click of a button. Not only was ThirdLove able to instantly shortlist candidates, but it also helped to paint a picture of their ideal candidate to best fit their needs.
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The results

The Ai4JOBS tech integration into Greenhouse was absolutely flawless. The tool made it easy for us to group out the talent we were attracting to roles ranging from coordinator to director level.
We have a lean team – so the tool was like an extra set of hands helping us get to the top talent that was waiting for us in our pipeline.

A vast and diverse candidate pool. Our tech removed bias in the matching and surfaced women for roles where our competitors did not, reducing their time-to-hire from 45 days to 14 days.


The ThisWay team has dedicated years of researching and developing a technology to solve one of talent acquisition’s biggest problems: matching people to jobs.

We strive to bridge the gap between AI and recruiting. With the use of our product suite ThisWay, companies are now able to shortlist candidates with unbiased matching technology. Companies can benefit from a diverse workforce that goes beyond just race and gender with matching based off of candidates’ potential.

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Unbiased Sourcing and Matching
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Our  integration with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System was the perfect solution for HC Tech to get instant results with little change to their existing workflow.


Embracing our matching technology, HC Tech was able to greatly reduce the time it took for their recruitment team to manually screen resumes and identify qualified candidates.
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