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How HC Tech Greatly Reduced Cost-to-hire For Their Hard-to-fill Roles

The Problem

While HC Tech has no issues attracting top tier investment talent, their recruitment team found it difficult finding candidates that possessed investment knowledge to understand their platform and met all the technical requirements for a Senior Software Engineer. After months of trying to source new candidates and pressure to fill a needed Senior Software Engineer position, HC Tech decided to look to alternate sources to assist in their hiring dilemma.

Our Solution

Ai4JOBS’ integration with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System was the perfect solution for HC Tech to get instant results with little change to their existing workflow. Our REVEAL product is able to analyze candidates and individually rank from most qualified to least qualified right within their ATS interface.

How Do We Rank And Score YOUR Applicants & Candidates ?

The results

Embracing our matching technology, HC Tech was able to greatly reduce the time it took for their recruitment team to manually screen resumes and identify qualified candidates.

It was like having an experienced assistant pull the most qualified candidates to the top of the list. This saved me precious hours that can be put toward scheduling interviews, which will speed up the hiring process and fill open positions sooner.


ThisWay® Global has dedicated years of researching and developing a technology to solve one of talent acquisition’s biggest problems: matching people to jobs.

We strive to bridge the gap between AI and recruiting. With the use of our product suite companies are now able to shortlist candidates with unbiased matching technology. Companies can benefit from a diverse workforce that goes beyond just race and gender with matching based off of candidates’ potential.