ThisWay Global CEO Angela Hood Kickstarts IBM’s Lunch & Learn Series in New York

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies are facing the challenge of sourcing and recruiting qualified talent. ThisWay Global, a leader in AI bias-removal and talent acquisition sourcing technology, is at the forefront of addressing this issue. CEO Angela Hood presented at IBM’s Lunch & Learn Series at the IBM Innovation Studio located in New York,  where she shed light on ethical AI and its role in business automation.

The event featured a live demo of IBM’s watsonx Orchestrate, showcasing a real-world use case of how AI can optimize HR workflows, driving productivity and bolstering employee satisfaction.

The series is aimed to empower both employers and employees by optimizing their skills and productivity through advanced AI tools. These tools serve as digital concierges, liberating employees from mundane tasks like scheduling interviews, managing training sessions, and handling paperwork

Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global, expresses her enthusiasm for collaborating with IBM’s group. She emphasizes the transformative potential of the right AI tools, which can not only boost productivity and empower employees but also uphold privacy, fairness, and human-centric values.

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