Why Google for Jobs is a Big Deal for Recruiters and Job Seekers

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While working 9-to-5 jobs is hard work, the process of looking for one is often just as exhausting. You need to craft a good-looking resume, list down your skills and qualifications that make you an attractive candidate, and check hundreds of job postings on classified ads – whether online or on traditional newspapers – until you find the perfect match.

It’s an intricate process, but one that is necessary, nonetheless. As Indeed President, Chris Hyams, said, “Searching for jobs is one of the most important searches in anyone’s life.”

Thanks to the Internet, a job seeker can simply use a recruitment platform to speed up the job hunt. But for search giant, Google, this is not enough. So, they made a new feature to make it even easier for job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other, and that is Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, introduced Google for Jobs at their annual developer conference Google I/O 2017 as a commitment to use the company’s products and features to make it easier for people to find work, whether they are looking for a managerial position or a role as an entry-level truck driver.

Google for Jobs differentiates itself from other job sites by acting as a job aggregator, partnering up with job sites like CareerBuilder and Monster to fetch all their listings, and consolidate them all into a single database.

This concept is not new, however, as there are already job search engines like Indeed that aggregate listings from all over the internet, serving as a one-stop place for users to conduct their job hunt.

But what makes Google for Jobs unique from Indeed and other job aggregators is that it already has advanced search algorithms that will make job searching more accurate.

Here are five reasons Google for Jobs is a game changer for both recruiters and job seekers:

1. Increased accuracy of job search results

There may be a lot of job searching platforms out there, but they’re not entirely perfect in terms of the accuracy of their search results.

Josh Bersin observes in his blog that there isn’t a standard for job titles. For instance, he mentions that a Marketing Manager may be called a Digital Marketing Manager in one company, and Marketing Specialist Level 2 in another. For the average individual, searching for a job becomes a complicated chore.

That’s what Google hopes to improve with its powerful search algorithms. Instead of just looking at the job titles, Google for Jobs considers the various skills required for a certain job and creates a taxonomy of job families to find the most accurate search results.

2. Job search results show more relevant criteria such as commute times

Many job sites offer filtering search results through various criteria, but Google for Jobs takes it a step further by sorting the job search results based on the shortest commute time for the user.

This option gives job seekers a chance to assess how far a job is from their location, therefore making job searches more personal.

3. Google for Jobs gives an overview of which skills are in demand at the market

Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, you may still use Google for Jobs to quickly assess which skill sets are in high demand in your area.

As Google becomes the central database where all information about jobs is stored, this will make it easier for employees who want to jump careers to plan their moves in advance.

Recruiters can also gauge which areas have the most talent in a particular industry, and use their findings to target those demographics in their recruitment campaigns correctly.

Should you consider it?

Google for Jobs presents another breakthrough in the industry, and whether we like it or not, it has already made its move to change the way the recruitment process works.

So, why is Google for Jobs a big deal for recruiters? As with any technological advancement, those working in HR and recruitment need to stay updated with the latest industry news and learn how they can use this new job search to augment and improve their hiring process further.

While there’s no doubt that Google for Jobs will be a promising recruitment platform for recruiters, it’s still in its early stages. At the moment, Google for Jobs has only partnered with a few job sites like CareerBuilder and Monster and it is not readily available to other businesses seeking A.I technology.

In the meantime, using an alternative like ThisWay Global in your job search will ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity of finding the right talent that fits your needs, whilst keeping you up to date with the latest technological advances within the industry.

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