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While many companies embrace AI matching, most do so in suboptimal ways. ThisWay offers a multifaceted solution for Talent Acquisition.

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True Unbiased Matching

At ThisWay, our mission has always been to surface diverse, qualified candidates.

Unconscious biases, also known as implicit biases, are the underlying attitudes and stereotypes that people unknowingly attribute to another person or group of people. In recruitment, a prominent area where these biases can surface is during the resume review process.Here at ThisWay, We taught our matching engine through 15 trillion matching events with no human influence, so you can instantly benefit from a diverse talent pool.

Awards & Recognition

Discover ThisWay Global's renowned awards, celebrating the achievements of our exceptional team. From innovation to teamwork, explore the honors that underscore our commitment to excellence.


Inc. Female Founder 250 Honoree


SIA Gig Economy Shark Tank Winner


Google Accelerated Start Up & Founder


HR Tech Innovation of the Year

Dogs of ThisWay

ThisWay customers, partners, and fans have always commented on how much they love ThisWay’s dog-friendly culture. If you have been following ThisWay, you know that dogs are always welcome! They are a calming presence, great for morale, and the perfect reason to go on a walk to clear your head during the workday. In 2021 ThisWay made their presence official by the introduction of the new company mascot, Scottie. ‘Scottie’ represents all the Dogs of ThisWay, including the founder’s three Scottish Terriers that have supported ThisWay over the years, Bandit, Jack, and the new addition to the team, Sully.


Founder & CEOAlso founded : thisway and Devscast


COOAlso founded : thisway and Devscast


CIOAlso founded : thisway and Devscast

Dog 4

CTOAlso founded : thisway and Devscast

Dog 5

VP SalesAlso founded : thisway and Devscast

Dog 6

Chief PartnershipsAlso founded : thisway and Devscast

Dog 7

Executive Assisant Also founded : thisway and Devscast

Dog 8

CEO - FounderAlso founded : thisway and Devscast
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