For Businesses

ThisWay’s technology, including our machine learning Match-ic algorithm, helps businesses reach out to both passive and active candidates that are attracted to your role. Our engagement, selection, prescreening and optimization tools work for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, ThisWay’s technology is not just for those who understand technology. B2B and consumer facing startups, technology companies, SME’s and enterprise businesses simply tell us where their hiring pains are and our wide range of hiring tools cure them.

For startups and smaller SME’s

If you don’t have your own HR function our far reaching machine-learning technology does the work by reaching out to valuable active and passive candidates. Prescreening and optimizing the results delivers fewer but more appropriate candidates, meaning you can concentrate on engaging with the best candidates that will deliver the best results for your business.

For large volumes of recruiting

Our machine learning algorithms use data to find and engage the best candidates with your brand, screening, and presenting them to you quickly and cost effectively, giving you a better ROI.

For talent acquisition

Companies competing for the best talent at whatever level can identify the traits that match best with your culture. As a ‘stand-alone’ or working with other technology, we can discover and deliver prescreened, optimized passive and active candidates giving you the highest recruitment efficiency, best retention and best ROI.

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