For Businesses

ThisWay’s technology, including our machine learning Match-ic algorithm, helps businesses reach out to both passive and active candidates that are attracted to your role. Our engagement, selection, prescreening and optimization tools work for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, ThisWay’s technology is not just for those who understand technology. B2B and consumer facing startups, technology companies, SME’s and enterprise businesses simply tell us where their hiring pains are and our wide range of hiring tools cure them.

For startups and smaller SME’s

If you don’t have your own HR function our far reaching machine-learning technology does the work by reaching out to valuable active and passive candidates. Prescreening and optimizing the results delivers fewer but more appropriate candidates, meaning you can concentrate on engaging with the best candidates that will deliver the best results for your business.

For large volumes of recruiting

Our machine learning algorithms use data to find and engage the best candidates with your brand, screening, and presenting them to you quickly and cost effectively, giving you a better ROI.

For talent acquisition

Companies competing for the best talent at whatever level can identify the traits that match best with your culture. As a ‘stand-alone’ or working with other technology, we can discover and deliver prescreened, optimized passive and active candidates giving you the highest recruitment efficiency, best retention and best ROI.

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For Individuals

In about 1480, Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first ever Curriculum Vitae. Fast-forward 500 years, and we are still modeling our own CV’s on his original format; and that stinks!

So, we have changed the CV into a dynamic profile that is free, engaging, private, preference based and most importantly interacts with our Big Data and Match-ic algorithm to deliver opportunities that suit you.

If you have not yet entered the world of work, or are looking for your ideal pathway, are on the career ladder at whatever level, or even an experienced unicorn; find opportunities to succeed in a job pathway that works for your life, your preferences, your skills and your unique talents.

For millennials and post-millennials

For people who do not know about the ways of work, your profile provides a way of finding out what you can do, and how you can get to do it.

For people on the career ladder who are not fully satisfied

The technology within our platform allows you to find work that appeals to your interests, preferences and talents without perpetually being ‘on the hunt’.

For senior professionals

Our profile can deliver the job that provides the opportunities to succeed defined by you, where compensation is not always just defined by salary alone.

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For Groups

Associations and organisations in fields including education, the arts, sport and charities use our private, fun, engaging profile builder that enables individuals to create opportunities for their future pathway.

For groups who are not happy with the jobs available for their members, our platform serves wide ranging opportunities in varying locations based on specific skills, talents, aspirations and preferred locations.
We help group members find more appropriate opportunities to succeed in their field.
We work with industry groups and associations, using our Pipeline tool to identify and resolve future skills shortages.

65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. So for schools, colleges and universities our profile builder is a private platform for students to use their skills, talents and preferences to fulfill aspirations and create opportunities for their future happiness.

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For Recruiters

In order to create a global solution to a global problem we see HR technology companies and recruiters as partners who can use our technology to enhance their offering.

For recruiters who find it hard to compete with larger companies

We extend your reach, enabling you to punch above your weight by increasing the number of better qualified candidates you present to your clients and doing it faster; giving you more reach, delivering better ROI and improving efficiency.

For recruiters who have to manage a large number of CV’s and jobs

Our machine-learning algorithms reduce the large volume of administration and find the best candidates, quicker and more cost effectively than ever before.

For specialist recruiters who need to continually find unicorn hires

You can reach, screen and present the best passive and active candidates quickly and efficiently.

Whether it is as a stand-alone service, a bolt on to your current technology or
working as a license please contact us for pricing information and more details.