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In the dynamic realm of talent acquisition, where every hire is a vital piece in the puzzle of organizational success, the art of tracking and evaluating skills within your applicant tracking system can be a complex challenge. Organizations worldwide grapple with multifaceted obstacles that hinder efficient skills assessment, candidate filtering, and the insidious influence of bias. As the digital age ushers in an era of innovation, ThisWay stands as the beacon of progress, revolutionizing skills tracking through cutting-edge technology and ethical AI. Welcome to a transformative journey that redefines the landscape of talent acquisition and propels your organization towards unprecedented success.

Navigating the Labyrinth: The Problems With Skill Tracking and Traditional Hiring

In the relentless pursuit of talent, organizations often find themselves entangled in the intricate web of skills tracking. The path is fraught with challenges that impede progress and hinder efficiency:

Time Constraints

The talent acquisition timeline is a race against time, where each moment counts. In the realm of skills tracking, meticulously sifting through a barrage of applicant data, resumes, and qualifications can consume valuable hours, delaying the identification of top candidates and stalling your recruitment efforts. The pressure to swiftly identify the most suitable candidates often clashes with the need for thorough evaluation.

Filtering Through the Fray

The overwhelming influx of resumes inundating your ATS can be overwhelming, resembling a virtual avalanche of data. Manually sorting through the immense volume of data to pinpoint candidates whose capabilities align with your requirements is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Bias Persists

The legacy of bias continues to cast a shadow over the recruitment landscape, tainting the process and impeding progress. Traditional hiring methods and candidate sorting can inadvertently introduce bias into the screening process. Unconscious prejudices based on names, educational backgrounds, and other demographic cues cloud the evaluation process, often sidelining qualified candidates and perpetuating inequity. The search for true talent becomes obscured by these biases, obstructing the realization of a diverse and skilled workforce.

Empowering Skill Evaluation: ThisWay’s Unrivaled Features

The landscape transforms with ThisWay, a dynamic platform that infuses unparalleled efficiency and precision into skills tracking. Two groundbreaking features stand at the forefront of this transformation, reshaping the way organizations harness talent:

  • Reveal, Illuminating Skills from Within Your ATS: The Reveal feature harnesses the power of skills tracking software to unveil the hidden gems within your existing ATS. Unlock the potential of your talent pool by swiftly identifying individuals whose skill sets resonate with your desired qualifications. The digital spotlight illuminates their skills, allowing you to expedite the talent acquisition process and secure the perfect fit with unprecedented efficiency. No longer confined by the constraints of time, Reveal enables you to harness the skills that lie within your reach.
  • Score, Shaping Excellence, Regardless of Your ATS: The Score feature extends its expertise even beyond the realms of an ATS. For organizations navigating the talent landscape without a dedicated ATS, ThisWay’s revolutionary AI-driven capability takes center stage. Seamlessly upload applicants and resumes directly to the platform, empowering you to align pre-selected criteria with your candidate evaluation. Score efficiently ranks and scores candidates, ensuring an objective, skill-based approach that transcends traditional limitations. As you embark on a journey of skill evaluation, Score emerges as your reliable guide, fostering efficiency and accuracy.

ThisWay’s integration shines as a beacon of efficiency, alleviating the burdensome tasks that often bog down the hiring process:

  • Skill-Centric Ranking: As your talent pool evolves, ThisWay’s platform ensures that skills take center stage. The AI-powered system dynamically ranks candidates based on their skill proficiency, effortlessly guiding you toward the most qualified individuals. Say farewell to arduous manual evaluations and embrace the streamlined efficiency that comes with skill-centric ranking.
  • Optimized Screening: Traditional screening methods often lead to missed opportunities and potential biases. ThisWay’s integration optimizes the screening process, leveraging its immense repository of 15.5 trillion matching events to identify candidates who perfectly match your desired qualifications. No longer will exceptional candidates slip through the cracks, and no longer will diversity be compromised by unconscious bias.
  • Diverse Insights, Informed Decisions: In the realm of talent acquisition, diversity fuels innovation and enriches organizational perspectives. ThisWay’s integration ensures that your hiring decisions are infused with diversity, granting you access to a vast network of over 169 million diverse candidates. The platform’s ethical AI redaction empowers you to evaluate candidates based on their skills and experience, free from the constraints of demographic biases.

As the wheels of progress turn, ThisWay’s integration seamlessly guides you toward optimal hiring decisions. The synergy between cutting-edge technology and human expertise becomes a harmonious melody of efficiency, objectivity, and diversity. By integrating ThisWay’s skills tracking software into your talent acquisition arsenal, you pave the way for a future where each hire contributes to the symphony of your organization’s success

Unmasking True Potential: Reducing Bias and Fostering Diversity

In the quest for a skilled and diverse workforce, the impact of bias cannot be underestimated. ThisWay confronts this challenge head-on, infusing ethical AI and innovation to mitigate bias and drive equitable talent assessment. By redacting background information and utilizing an astounding 15.5 trillion matching events, ThisWay ensures that candidates are evaluated solely based on their relevant skill sets. This multifaceted approach eliminates unconscious biases, neutralizing demographic influences that hinder diversity and obstruct progress. By dismantling the barriers of bias, ThisWay empowers organizations to embrace a comprehensive, inclusive, and fair evaluation process that fuels innovation and champions equity.

A Skills Tracking Software Suite That Lets You Fill Positions Faster.

ThisWay’s role as a skills tracking software platform helps you screen candidates faster. 

Better Return on Investment

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, every moment counts. Traditional candidate screening, plagued by extended timeframes, can result in missed opportunities, delayed project timelines, and revenue loss. By streamlining skills management through ThisWay’s integration, organizations stand to unlock a superior return on investment. Swiftly identifying and engaging with the most qualified candidates ensures that precious resources are channeled toward candidates who are more likely to contribute to the organization’s growth and success. As positions are filled more promptly, projects are executed with agility, propelling the organization toward its goals with increased efficiency and profitability.

Enhanced Diversity

Diversity is an essential ingredient that fuels innovation, creativity, and resilience within organizations. The accelerated skills management offered by ThisWay’s platform translates into an expanded pool of candidates, rich in diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. By swiftly accessing a broader range of candidates, organizations can assemble a tapestry of talent that mirrors the global landscape. This diversity, in turn, infuses fresh insights, enriches problem-solving, and fosters a culture of inclusion that attracts top-tier talent. Through faster skills management, ThisWay empowers organizations to cultivate a workforce that thrives on varied perspectives, driving innovation and propelling the organization to new heights.

Promptly Fulfilling Positions

In the competitive race to secure the best talent, time is undeniably of the essence. The traditional talent screening process, characterized by lengthy timeframes, can result in vacant positions that hinder an organization’s growth trajectory. ThisWay’s integration offers a remedy by accelerating skills management, expediting the journey from candidate identification to onboarding. Swift skills-centric evaluations and automated ranking mechanisms ensure that positions are filled faster, enabling organizations to seize opportunities, meet project demands, and maintain operational excellence. The ability to promptly fulfill positions enhances an organization’s agility, responsiveness, and overall competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market.

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