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In a dynamic landscape where the strategic prowess of talent acquisition molds the very trajectory of organizations, the inherent challenges tied to conventional hiring and recruiting practices loom larger than ever before. Amidst this backdrop, ThisWay emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, a formidable skills management software hub that transcends the limitations of traditional methods. Offering a departure from the norm, ThisWay revolutionizes the candidate sorting process, aligning it meticulously with your desired skills and qualifications, while simultaneously dismantling bias. ThisWay serves as a transformative catalyst, an indispensable tool empowering both astute hiring managers and discerning talent acquisition professionals. 

Navigating the Slow Lane: Challenges of Traditional Hiring

Traditional hiring practices often encounter a myriad of obstacles that impede the swift identification of ideal candidates based on skills. Screening and recruiting processes can be painfully sluggish, causing organizations to miss out on exceptional talent. Imagine a scenario where a critical role remains vacant for weeks, or a promising candidate’s application languishes in a sea of resumes, overlooked due to manual screening limitations. The traditional hiring landscape often hinders efficiency, stifling progress and draining valuable resources for some of the following reasons:

Manual Resume Review

Imagine a talent specialist tasked with sorting through a stack of resumes received through a job board posting. Each resume must be reviewed individually to determine whether the candidate’s skills and experience align with the job requirements. This painstaking process can easily consume several hours or even days, particularly if a significant number of applications flood in.

Assessment and Evaluation

Traditional job boards may not provide an efficient platform for conducting skill assessments or evaluations. The talent specialist might need to review all applications manually to sort or filter the results.

Managing High Volume

If a job posting on a traditional job board gains significant traction, the influx of applications can be overwhelming. The specialist must navigate through an influx of resumes, potentially leading to a delay in reviewing each one thoroughly. This can result in qualified candidates being inadvertently overlooked due to time constraints. 

Traditional screening processes often inadvertently harbor biases that undermine diversity hiring efforts. Human decision-making is susceptible to unconscious prejudices, which can seep into the evaluation of candidate resumes and applications. For instance, names, educational backgrounds, and even address details can inadvertently trigger assumptions that influence the screening process. These biases can result in candidates from underrepresented groups being unfairly overlooked, perpetuating an imbalance in the workforce.

The typical screening process may rely on keywords or phrases that inadvertently favor candidates from specific demographics, further perpetuating bias. For instance, if certain educational institutions or industry jargon are overemphasized, it can inadvertently disadvantage candidates with alternative backgrounds or experiences. This leads to a lack of diversity in the candidate pool, restricting the organization’s ability to tap into the full spectrum of diverse talent available.

Unconscious biases can lead to a lack of fair assessment of a candidate’s potential. Stereotypes and assumptions may lead to the underestimation of a candidate’s skills, experience, or cultural fit, undermining the organization’s ability to cultivate a diverse and vibrant workforce.

Pioneering a New Path: Skills Management Software Unveiled

In the realm of talent management and recruiting, the importance of skills cannot be overstated. Yet, the traditional hiring process often grapples with inefficiencies, biases, and a lack of streamlined procedures. ThisWay emerges as the beacon of progress, offering two essential features that reinvigorate talent acquisition:

Instantaneous Ranking and Scoring

Imagine a world where evaluating candidates based on skills is not just accurate, but instantaneous. ThisWay’s skills management software empowers you to rank and score candidates with unparalleled speed, ensuring that the most qualified individuals rise to the top of your selection process effortlessly.

Bias-Reduction through Ethical AI

Unconscious biases can cast a shadow over hiring decisions, potentially overshadowing a candidate’s true potential. ThisWay’s innovative approach neutralizes these biases by redacting background information, enabling you to focus exclusively on a candidate’s skills. By removing demographic influences, the platform fosters an equitable recruitment process that places skill at the forefront.

Accelerate Your Success: ThisWay’s Skills Management Solution

ThisWay introduces two groundbreaking features that address the traditional hiring challenges head-on, especially in regards to skills management:


Unveiling the Power of Matching Events: ThisWay leverages an astounding 15.5 trillion matching events to uncover hidden gems within your applicant tracking system. As your organization navigates the sea of resumes, Reveal surfaces candidates whose skill sets align seamlessly with your desired qualifications. This innovative matching process expedites the identification of the perfect fit, turbocharging your recruitment efforts and propelling your organization toward unparalleled success.


A Swift Path to Skill-Centric Excellence: In a world where time is of the essence, Score emerges as your ally. Even without an applicant tracking system, you can harness the prowess of ThisWay’s ethical AI. Upload your candidates and job descriptions, and witness the transformation as Score processes this information swiftly and systematically. Not only does Score rank candidates based on skill criteria, but it also neutralizes descriptions to champion diversity and inclusivity.

ThisWay also has other useful features that go beyond the skills screening and management process. Two other features, called Discover and Attract, let organizations reach passive candidates within ThisWay’s 8,500 diversity partners. These features are not job boards, but expose your open job reqs to qualified diverse candidates who are looking for a role, potentially within your organization. These features optimize the reach of your open job reqs and let you source untapped talent.  

Unleash Your Potential: Embrace Skills Management Software with ThisWay

The future of talent acquisition is here, and it’s defined by skill-centric precision, unbiased evaluations, and accelerated processes. Elevate your recruitment practices with ThisWay’s skills management software, where every decision is informed, every candidate is evaluated fairly, and every interaction is optimized for success. Embrace the power of ethical AI to forge a new path—one that bridges the gap between traditional hiring challenges and innovative solutions.

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