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In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, the pursuit of diverse and skilled candidates often contends with the formidable challenges posed by traditional hiring methods. Welcome to ThisWay Global, an innovative and transformative platform that empowers hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to redefine the very essence of recruiting efficiency. In an era where swift and strategic action is paramount, we understand all too well the constraints imposed by the timelines of traditional hiring practices. These constraints can often hinder organizations from swiftly and effectively identifying the best candidates for their open positions, resulting in missed opportunities, prolonged hiring cycles, and potential talent gaps.

Navigating Time and Tradition: Overcoming the Hurdles of Traditional Hiring:

As organizations strive to find the right fit among a sea of applicants, the clock continues to tick. The conventional hiring journey is marked by several critical milestones, each consuming its share of precious time:

  • Job Posting and Application Collection: A foundational step that can span from 1 to 4 weeks, this phase sets the stage for the influx of potential candidates.
  • Initial Screening and Shortlisting: Occupying another 1 to 2 weeks, this pivotal stage involves sifting through applications, identifying promising candidates, and narrowing down the pool.
  • Manual Processing: Typically, an HR or talent management professional will spend hours trying to vet applicants with the traditional hiring process.
  • Candidate Outreach: Posting even the same position on multiple job boards can consume hours, which is a huge crunch on the talent management professional’s time. 

ThisWay presents a transformative paradigm, where the constraints of traditional timelines are challenged, and a new era of recruiting efficiency is unveiled. With ethical AI and advanced business automation tools at your disposal, ThisWay will help you chart a new course in recruiting efficiency. 

Why the Traditional Hiring Process Lacks Recruiting Efficiency

When an organization utilizes traditional online resources, such as job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn, there are several challenges that can arise. These include:

  • Limited Diversity: Despite their extensive user bases, job sites may still fall short in attracting a truly diverse range of candidates. The platforms’ user demographics and algorithms may inadvertently lead to a lack of representation from underrepresented groups, limiting the pool of diverse talent.
  • Competition and Noise: The popularity of major job sites often results in fierce competition among employers for the attention of high-quality candidates. Job postings can easily get lost in the sea of listings, making it challenging for organizations to stand out and attract the right talent.
  • Skill Mismatch: While job sites allow candidates to input their skills and qualifications, the accuracy of this information can vary. This can lead to mismatches between candidates’ stated skills and their actual expertise, making it difficult to identify highly-skilled professionals.
  • Lack of Context: Job sites often provide limited context about candidates beyond their resumes and profiles. This lack of context can make it challenging to gauge factors such as a candidate’s cultural fit, problem-solving abilities, and soft skills, which are crucial for successful team integration.
  • Inconsistent Filtering: While job sites offer filtering options to narrow down candidate searches, these filters may not effectively capture the nuanced requirements of a role. This can lead to an overwhelming number of unqualified or marginally qualified candidates.

ThisWay can help an organization easily mitigate the challenges of talent acquisition and the time hurdles that popular job boards can pose. 

Reveal: Unmasking Hidden Gems Through Ethical AI

At the heart of this transformation lies our revolutionary feature, Reveal. By harnessing the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence and drawing from an extensive repository of over 15.5 million matching events, Reveal takes candidate evaluation to unprecedented heights. Delving into the reservoir of applicants already within your system, Reveal ensures that no potential gem goes unnoticed. Its discerning eye sifts through the data, highlighting candidates whose skills and potential might otherwise remain concealed. The result? A dynamic and efficient candidate sourcing process that amplifies your ability to identify the perfect match.

Attract: Elevating Reach and Exposure Beyond Boundaries

With ThisWay’s Attract feature, an instrumental feature that leverages the power of your job description to transcend traditional boundaries, you can push your jobs to qualified, diverse applicants. Through seamless integration with over 8,500 Diversity-Network partners, ThisWay’s Attract exposes your open positions to an expansive and diverse talent network. This strategic approach not only enriches your candidate pool with top-tier individuals but also optimizes your reach, ensuring that your job openings are showcased to the most relevant and promising candidates.

Score: Precision in Decision-Making Unleashed

Score is a groundbreaking ThisWay feature designed to empower HR and talent professionals with unparalleled control and insight. Score allows you to upload your job description and past applicant data, providing a comprehensive view of your requirements and the candidate landscape. With this data-driven approach, you can efficiently pinpoint the best-suited candidate for any role. This rapid yet thorough evaluation process ensures that you make informed decisions, equipping you with the ability to act swiftly and strategically in today’s competitive hiring arena.

IBM® Watson Orchestrate Partnership: Instant Insights for Informed Choices

As if these features weren’t enough, ThisWay’s partnership with IBM’s Watson Orchestrate adds an extra layer of alleviation to your recruiting efficiency arsenal. Imagine a world where the most qualified candidates can be summoned with a simple query, delivered to you within seconds. The synergy of AI technologies streamlines your talent acquisition journey, reducing friction, and accelerating the pace of finding the ideal candidate.

The Benefits of ThisWay in Recruiting Efficiency

The benefits of embracing the ThisWay platform for recruiting efficiency are multifaceted and profound, helping your organization speed up the talent acquisition process: 

Increased Efficiency

Every facet of the talent acquisition process is meticulously streamlined, empowering you to invest your time and resources where they matter most.

Optimized Reach

Our platform extends the reach of your job postings to an astounding 169 million candidates, exponentially expanding your candidate base and opportunities.

Informed Decision-Making

With the power to rank and score candidates within seconds based on your predefined criteria, you are positioned to make informed choices that align with your organization’s unique needs.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Leveraging the power of AI, ThisWay uncovers existing candidates whose profiles impeccably match your requirements, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

Mitigate Bias, Champion Fair Hiring

Ethical AI forms the bedrock of our platform, significantly reducing hiring biases and fostering fair hiring practices that resonate with the principles of diversity and inclusion.

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