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Traditionally, organizations rely on their applicant tracking system as a centralized platform to manage the entire hiring process. This includes posting job openings, screening applications, scheduling interviews, conducting evaluations, managing offers, and facilitating onboarding. The ATS serves as a repository for candidate data and documents, while also enabling communication and collaboration among hiring team members. It aids compliance by storing necessary documentation and offers data analytics for assessing recruitment strategies. While ATS platforms are effective in streamlining these tasks, innovative solutions like ThisWay introduce additional features to address diversity, bias, and optimization, further enhancing the efficiency and fairness of the hiring process.

Organizations Can Use ThisWay To Enhance The Hiring Process With Existing Candidates

In contrast to the traditional process where applicant tracking systems (ATS) oversee the hiring journey, ThisWay’s Reveal Feature offers a pioneering approach. Going beyond conventional methods of managing job postings, application screening, and interviews, Reveal revolutionizes the evaluation stage. By redacting personal information from candidate applications, such as names and demographic details.

Reveal ensures an unbiased assessment of skills, qualifications, and experience. This strategic approach eliminates unconscious bias, enabling recruiters to focus solely on the merits of each candidate. As a result, ThisWay’s Reveal Feature introduces a new level of efficiency and fairness, enriching the hiring process by embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunity.

By seamlessly integrating with your existing applicant tracking system, ThisWay can help your organization with:

Efficiency Enhancement

ThisWay optimizes the evaluation stage by introducing the Reveal Feature. As candidates apply through your ATS, Reveal strategically redacts personal details, enabling a skills-based assessment that minimizes unconscious bias. This streamlined approach expedites the screening process, allowing your hiring teams to focus on evaluating qualifications rather than demographic information. The result is a significant time-saving that enables your recruiters to engage more effectively with candidates and make informed decisions swiftly.

Diversity and Inclusion

ThisWay’s strategic approach and Reveal Feature contribute to fostering diversity and inclusion within your organization. By anonymizing applications, the platform eliminates biases that can arise from names or other demographic indicators. This ensures that candidates are evaluated solely based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. ThisWay’s approach expands your talent pool by tapping into a broader range of candidates, from diverse backgrounds and communities. As a result, you’re better equipped to build a workforce that reflects a multitude of perspectives, driving innovation and enhancing your organization’s overall performance.

Alignment with Values

ThisWay’s integration is aligned with the values of equity, fairness, and inclusivity. By incorporating the platform into your ATS, you send a powerful message to candidates that your organization is committed to providing an unbiased and level playing field for all applicants. This resonates with top talent seeking workplaces where their skills and contributions are valued regardless of their background. 

How ThisWay’s AI Platform Helps Bolster Your Applicant Tracking System

ThisWay will not only help you find qualified people within your ATS, but will also help you with the expansion of your job searches:

01 Finding Matched Talent For Every Posting

Embrace a new era of talent acquisition where no qualified applicant goes unnoticed. ThisWay’s powerful technology ensures that every potential candidate is considered for every suitable job opening, eradicating missed opportunities and fostering a dynamic, mutually beneficial connection between talents and roles.

02 An Easy-To-Use Interface That Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Our user-centric design prioritizes ease of use, offering an intuitive interface designed to simplify your workflow. ThisWay’s UI is crafted to empower you, making your hiring processes more streamlined and effective without unnecessary complexities.

03 Removing Bias From Matching

Leverage the potency of over 15.5 trillion matches to eliminate bias from your hiring equation. ThisWay’s pioneering technology facilitates unbiased assessments, ensuring that every individual is matched to every relevant job based purely on qualifications and merits. By neutralizing biases, we create a level playing field that promotes diversity and equal opportunity.

How Does ThisWay Work With Applicants Already In Your ATS?

Whenever you have a new job posting, ThisWay has a feature called Score that works with your existing ATS. The Score feature by ThisWay operates as an advanced solution akin to an astute puzzle solver, tailored to address your recruitment needs. In essence, Score functions as a sophisticated algorithmic tool designed to identify the most optimal candidates for your job vacancies. Much like a precision lens, it scrutinizes the intricate details of both job requirements and applicant profiles to discern the most harmonious matches.

The process unfolds as follows: Upon providing Score with a set of job specifications and a pool of potential candidates, it employs its algorithmic prowess, leveraging a wealth of data encompassing over 1,600 distinct data points and more than 15.5 trillion past matching instances. This vast reservoir of knowledge enables Score to assess and identify top-tier candidates within your existing systems.

Moreover, Score transcends mere matching proficiency. It operates as a guardian of fairness, ensuring an impartial evaluation process. This is accomplished through the elimination of any potentially influential attributes, comparable to appraising puzzle pieces without considering their colors or labels. This commitment to equity guarantees that each candidate is evaluated on a level playing field, irrespective of personal characteristics.

The implementation of Score is remarkably user-friendly. By directly uploading job descriptions and applicant profiles onto ThisWay’s dedicated interface, organizations can initiate the matchmaking process effortlessly. This feature encapsulates the essence of an erudite puzzle-solving enabler, streamlining the candidate selection procedure, fostering equitable evaluations, and ultimately elevating the overall efficiency and efficacy of your recruitment endeavors.

ThisWay: The Ultimate Solution to Faster, More Diverse Hiring

Collaborating with ThisWay’s platform extends a range of compelling global advantages that redefine the recruitment landscape:

Efficiency and Expediency

Experience a streamlined recruitment process that efficiently guides you through the journey in under 30 minutes. This expeditious approach ensures that your talent acquisition efforts yield results swiftly, enabling your organization to promptly secure the ideal candidates for your openings.

Advanced Automation

ThisWay’s platform introduces a comprehensive suite of automated functionalities that eliminate the tedium commonly associated with traditional hiring methods. The platform’s automated processes expertly identify and pinpoint high-quality candidates, bypassing the cumbersome and time-consuming routines that can hinder conventional recruitment practices. This not only accelerates your search for top talent but also frees your resources to focus on meaningful engagement and evaluation.

Ethical AI for Bias Mitigation

The platform’s implementation of Ethical AI represents a pivotal stride towards combating bias in the hiring process. This advanced technology intelligently navigates through candidate assessments, reducing the influence of unconscious bias that often plagues traditional methods. By facilitating a fair and impartial evaluation of candidates, Ethical AI contributes to fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce, enhancing your organization’s global reputation and enriching workplace dynamics.

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