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In today’s talent acquisition world, the pursuit of diversity and efficiency has become paramount. Organizations strive to assemble dynamic teams that bring varied perspectives, ideas, and skills to the table. However, traditional hiring practices often fall short in addressing these objectives, leading to prolonged processes, biases, and missed opportunities. This is where ThisWay steps in, offering a transformative platform designed to elevate your talent acquisition game while ensuring diversity and inclusivity remain at the forefront. Whether or not you have an applicant database, ThisWay can help your organization attract and score relevant talent for your organization.

Unlocking the Potential of Applicant Databases

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become the backbone of talent acquisition, providing a centralized repository for candidate information and job postings. Astonishingly, despite the proven benefits, only 66% of large companies and 35% of small companies utilize ATS in their recruitment endeavors. While these systems streamline certain aspects of the process, they can still succumb to inefficiencies and biases, hindering the goal of assembling a diverse workforce. 

ThisWay recognizes the need for innovation within the ATS landscape. Our platform is not just about an acquisition database; it’s about reimagining how organizations engage with talent. Whether your organization already has an ATS or not, ThisWay introduces cutting edge features that elevate your recruitment process, enabling you to achieve higher levels of diversity and efficiency. Organizations that are small may not have yet invested in a job board for budgetary reasons, but ThisWay is a sure path to help organizations of any size find the right talent within seconds and to grow diversity in their organization ethically.

Unleashing the Power of Diversity Through ThisWay

At the core of ThisWay’s mission is the commitment to diversify and simplify talent acquisition. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS, ensuring you can maximize its potential without being confined by its limitations. For those without an ATS, ThisWay offers an intuitive interface to upload candidates and job descriptions, heralding a new era of candidate ranking and selection. 

In the absence of an ATS, “Score” becomes your ally. This feature empowers you to upload candidates and job descriptions effortlessly, instantly generating rankings that are tailored to your criteria. Gone are the days of manually sifting through piles of resumes or grappling with complex filtering tools. With ThisWay’s “Score,” you gain an immediate understanding of the top candidates for your positions, enabling you to allocate your time and resources more effectively.

For those with an ATS, the power of “Reveal” comes to your aid. This feature seamlessly integrates with your existing database, enabling you to harness its potential to the fullest. “Reveal” ensures that diverse candidates within your current system are highlighted, providing you with a streamlined approach to talent identification. No longer will you need to manually cross-reference databases or potentially overlook qualified candidates. ThisWay’s “Reveal” ensures that your diversity initiatives are seamlessly woven into your existing infrastructure, enabling you to uncover hidden talent gems.

Amplifying Your Reach with Cutting-Edge Features

Diversity is not just about reaching within your existing database; it’s about expanding your horizons and tapping into new talent pools. ThisWay amplifies your recruitment reach through features like “Discover.” With access to over 8,500 Diversity Partners, ThisWay transforms your passive candidate sourcing process. Unearth qualified candidates who may have otherwise remained undiscovered, enriching your talent pipeline with fresh perspectives and skills.

“Attract” is not your traditional job board; it’s a dynamic tool that positions your job descriptions in front of searching, qualified candidates. The process is not passive; instead, it actively surfaces your opportunities to those who are best suited for them. This strategic approach ensures that your positions are aligned with the right audience, enhancing the quality of your applicant pool.

Problems Posed By Traditional Screening Methods and Applications

Traditional job boards, while once hailed as a revolutionary tool for connecting job seekers and employers, can inadvertently contribute to a sluggish candidate screening process. The sheer volume of applicants that flood these platforms can overwhelm talent professionals, leading to time-consuming efforts to filter through resumes and applications. Sifting through a multitude of profiles, many of which may not align with the desired qualifications, becomes an arduous task that drains valuable time and resources.

Applicant tracking systems, designed to streamline the hiring journey, also bear the brunt of certain shortcomings that can impede the screening process. Often plagued by manual data entry, inconsistent formatting, and the challenge of matching complex criteria, ATS can become a bottleneck in the talent acquisition process. Talent professionals find themselves grappling with the intricate details of keyword searches and application parsing, sacrificing efficiency for meticulousness.

Harnessing the Power of Talent Ranking

At the heart of ThisWay’s effectiveness lies its utilization of talent ranking. With over 15.5 million matching events, our platform employs data-driven insights to streamline your candidate selection process. Imagine the time saved when you can instantly populate a ranked list of qualified, diverse candidates. ThisWay empowers you to make decisions swiftly, capitalizing on the most relevant skills and experiences.

ThisWay’s unparalleled advantage lies in its utilization of an astounding 15.5 trillion matching events, a monumental repository of data-driven insights that propels the screening process into hyperdrive. In contrast to traditional manual methods that demand exhaustive hours of sifting through resumes, ThisWay’s technology swiftly evaluates candidate profiles, instantly identifying the most qualified contenders. This colossal wealth of matching events acts as a dynamic filter, rapidly sieving through the sea of applicants to pinpoint those who perfectly align with an organization’s skill requirements and desired qualifications. As a result, talent professionals are liberated from the constraints of time-consuming evaluations, allowing them to focus their efforts on engaging with top-tier candidates and fostering a more efficient, expedited, and effective talent acquisition journey.

The Impact of ThisWay on Diversity

Diversity is important for innovation and success within an organization. ThisWay understands the significance of cultivating diverse teams that drive progress. Our platform mitigates the biases inherent in traditional ranking and screening processes. By redacting background information and focusing on skills, we ensure that your selections are driven solely by merit. ThisWay’s AI-driven approach guarantees fair and equitable assessments, fostering an environment where diversity flourishes. 

By meticulously concealing demographic information such as names, gender, and origin, ThisWay ensures that talent professionals are presented solely with candidates’ skill sets and qualifications. This intentional removal of extraneous information erases unconscious biases and preconceptions, allowing recruiters to objectively assess each applicant’s capabilities and expertise. As a result, the spotlight shifts exclusively to a candidate’s prowess, experience, and potential, facilitating an unbiased and equitable appraisal process. This innovative approach enables organizations to identify the most qualified candidates based purely on merit, empowering them to make informed decisions that transcend traditional barriers and contribute to building diverse, high-performing teams.

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