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With the increased activity of the job market in recent years, the challenges of traditional hiring and recruiting have never been more pronounced. As organizations strive to secure the best-fit candidates for their teams, they often find themselves navigating through a labyrinth of inefficiencies, biases, and limitations inherent in conventional approaches. ThisWay® Global is a smart platform at the forefront of transforming talent acquisition through the power of AI recruiting software.

Elevating Diversity Hiring: Overcoming Bias Challenges

In the realm of diversity hiring, traditional recruiting methods often wrestle with inherent biases that hinder the quest for a truly inclusive workforce. Biases can stealthily creep into the hiring process, impacting decisions and perpetuating inequalities. Unconscious prejudices related to gender, ethnicity, age, and other background factors can inadvertently sway recruiters’ assessments, leading to missed opportunities for highly skilled candidates. 

Traditional approaches may inadvertently favor candidates who fit certain stereotypes or conform to established norms, inadvertently sidelining individuals with unique perspectives and capabilities. The result is a less diverse talent pool that fails to harness the true potential of a multicultural workforce. As organizations strive to cultivate environments where every voice is valued, ethical AI-driven solutions like ThisWay’s platform stand as a powerful ally, dismantling biases, and championing a recruitment process that is grounded in equity, inclusion, and limitless opportunity. ThisWay’s ethical AI can help organizations overcome these challenges in a timely and adequate manner.

The Best AI Recruiting Software

At the core of ThisWay’s innovation lies a proprietary AI system that leverages an astounding 15.5 trillion matching events to redefine the hiring landscape. This revolutionary capability enables hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to embark on a journey of unparalleled efficiency and precision. Here’s a glimpse into the AI-driven benefits that ThisWay brings to the realm of talent acquisition:

Harnessing the Power of Matching

Imagine a world where your job openings seamlessly align with the most suitable candidates. ThisWay’s AI utilizes an unparalleled wealth of 15.5 trillion historical matching events, effortlessly sifting through resumes already within your system. By analyzing these data points, the platform identifies candidates whose skills and qualifications perfectly match your requirements, ensuring a more accurate and efficient candidate selection process.

Customized Candidate Shortlisting

The AI mastery of ThisWay goes beyond passive matching. Hiring managers can upload a job description and define specific criteria, instantly generating a curated list of candidates from the platform’s expansive database. This seamless integration of AI empowers recruiters to swiftly and strategically identify highly qualified, potential matches, eliminating the need for arduous manual screening and expediting the hiring process.

The Transformative Benefits of AI Recruiting Software From ThisWay

Enhanced Job Descriptions

ThisWay will also help you elevate your job descriptions. Through AI-driven insights, ThisWay optimizes your job postings to attract the right candidates from its network of 8,500 Diversity-Partners. The result? A refined, compelling job description that resonates with the diverse talent pool, fostering a deeper connection between candidates and your organization’s vision.

Diversity Amplification through Ethical AI

Ethical AI is at the heart of ThisWay’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. The platform automatically sources diverse applicants by redacting certain background information, ensuring that the focus remains squarely on candidates’ skills and qualifications. This innovative approach actively combats biases, nurturing a hiring process that is both fair and inclusive.

Maximizing ATS Potential

Your existing ATS system holds a treasure trove of qualified applicants from past postings. ThisWay’s AI seamlessly combs through this repository, presenting you with a pool of candidates primed for current roles. By tapping into this invaluable resource, you streamline the talent acquisition process, simultaneously reducing redundancy and enhancing your recruiting efficiency.

Automated Candidate Ranking

Making informed decisions has never been easier. ThisWay’s AI empowers you to automatically rank candidates based on criteria you define. With a click, you gain insights into candidates’ suitability, enabling more efficient evaluations and expediting the path to successful hires, while still maintaining unbiasedness.

Embracing Ethical AI: A Paradigm Shift in Recruitment

As the curtain lifts on the challenges that traditional hiring poses, the transformative potential of ethical AI takes center stage. Traditional hiring methods often inadvertently perpetuate biases, limit diversity, and hinder efficiency. Ethical AI, as championed by ThisWay, transcends these constraints, presenting a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the talent acquisition landscape:

Eradicating Bias, Elevating Fairness

Ethical AI redacts certain background information, allowing you to focus exclusively on candidates’ skills and qualifications. By stripping away potentially bias-inducing factors, you cultivate a hiring process that is inherently fair, empowering organizations to build diverse and dynamic teams that drive innovation and success.

Seizing Efficiency through Innovation

The marriage of AI and ethical practices drives a new era of efficiency. The ability to swiftly identify, rank, and shortlist candidates accelerates the hiring timeline, ensuring that organizations secure top talent before competitors.

Harnessing Ethical AI with IBM Watson Orchestrate

In the pursuit of revolutionary innovation, ThisWay has forged a dynamic partnership with IBM® Watson Orchestrate, heralding a new era of recruitment excellence. This collaborative synergy empowers hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals with a suite of game-changing business automation features that augment every facet of the talent acquisition journey. Some of the exciting new features of this platform enhancement include:

Expanding Candidate Reach

At the heart of the Watson Orchestrate partnership lies an extraordinary capability—an optimized reach to over 169 million potential candidates. This unparalleled access to a diverse and extensive talent pool ensures that your organization’s job openings resonate with a vast array of highly skilled candidates, transcending geographical boundaries and industry silos. The synergy between ThisWay and Watson Orchestrate amplifies your recruitment efforts, fostering a broader and more vibrant candidate selection process.

Unleashing Lightning-Fast Assessments

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, time is an invaluable resource. ThisWay’s partnership with Watson Orchestrate turbocharges your ability to perform outreach to candidates swiftly and effectively. With unparalleled efficiency, you can now connect with candidates even faster, enabling your hiring teams to expedite decision-making and secure top-tier talent before competitors can react. This seamless acceleration ensures that your recruitment process remains agile, dynamic, and primed for success.

Criterion-Driven Candidate Ranking and Scoring

Crafting an optimal workforce requires precision and insight. The Watson Orchestrate partnership empowers you to seamlessly input applicant criteria, triggering a remarkable transformation. Candidates are surfaced, ranked, and reached out to in mere seconds, providing a real-time snapshot of their alignment with your organization’s requirements. This advanced AI-driven analysis streamlines candidate evaluations, enabling your hiring teams to make informed decisions with unparalleled efficiency.

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