Talent Acquisition Software for Technology Businesses

Talent Acquisition Software for Technology Businesses

In the fast-paced technology industry, companies always look for ways to streamline their screening processes. With ThisWay’s ethical AI solutions, organizations can quickly and efficiently find qualified candidates for any position. By eliminating unconscious biases and increasing diversity, ThisWay is paving the way for a more inclusive future. With the tech industry expected to add 531,200 new jobs by 2029, there has never been a better time to invest in ethical AI to streamline the talent acquisition process. 

Many of the problems with hiring in the tech space make it hard for startups and established companies to find great talent. Often, organizations experience an influx of candidates, overwhelming the recruiter and extending the screening process. 

Traditional Hiring process

What Is ThisWay?

ThisWay isn’t a job board platform or an applicant tracking database. It’s a talent acquisition platform that removes the biases that often come with the traditional job search process, and instead, places focus on the candidate’s skill set. With ThisWay, you won’t even need to post on a job board to find candidates, as you can simply submit your job description or applicant data. You can seamlessly integrate the system with your own applicant database or use it to target candidates who have already been pre-qualified by leveragingThisWay’s Diversity Employer Network.

The mission of ThisWay is simple: match all people to all jobs, instantly and without bias, leveling the playing field for all potential job candidates. By using ThisWay, you’ll be able to surface your open job requisitions to highly qualified candidates within the network or, if you prefer, search for highly qualified, diverse candidates within our system. With ThisWay, bias and discrimination will no longer be factors when seeking the right talent for your business.

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Common Challenges in Technology Talent Acquisition

There are several different challenges that recruiters have to deal with when it comes to finding qualified talent for businesses in the technology industry. Some of these problems include:

  • Skill shortages: In web development, for example, an organization might need to fill a particular development need for a client. Some organizations want someone with front-end skills, while others might need a full-stack developer. 
  • Competition: A few companies might be competing fiercely for a very small talent pool. ThisWay can help those organizations find talent quickly.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Some organizations historically are very male-dominated in the technology industry. ThisWay can help organizations find skill-based talent and eliminate bias in the screening process. 
  • Remote Work Challenges: For some organizations that employ people remotely, skill sets like time management could be a requirement. ThisWay can help organizations find those individuals. 

These are just some of the challenges that talent acquisition professionals face in the technology industry. A platform like ThisWay can help those organizations find and screen top talent, speeding up the recruiting process. 

How This Way Helps You Screen Talent For Your Technology Business

Screening applicants for the technology industry is often a challenge. Many times, recruiters spend many hours looking through digital copies of resumes, presentations, and other materials that may not necessarily convey the candidate’s skill set to the fullest extent. Another issue that is common is not bringing the right skill set to a physical or remote interview. With ThisWay, your organization will find the right talent to bring into the interview process. 

For some positions, a particular coding skill set might be needed. Oftentimes, traditional job boards do not adequately vet the candidate for that coding skill set. With ThisWay, your organization can specifically look for that talent without having to filter through hundreds of applicants.

ThisWay has also revolutionized the vetting process. Typically, about 120 candidates will apply for positions that they see on social media and job platforms like LinkedIn. Many of those applicants will not have the requisite skill sets for a position and it can take hours to properly screen those individuals. With ThisWay, you are not overwhelmed by a large number of applicants. If you want to actively search for passive candidates, ThisWay lets your organization search through qualified candidates who are perfect matches in our system.

Features and Benefits of ThisWay for Technology Businesses

ThisWay has features that let you interact with potential applicants directly or indirectly, whether or not your organization has an applicant tracking system. These features include Attract, Discover, Reveal, and Score. Here are how these features work: 


Attract lets you upload your job description, where it will be optimized to remove bias. Then, qualified applicants are sent notices about your open position. This is different from a job board because only qualified talent can find your position.  



Discover lets you scan through the ThisWay system to find qualified applicants based upon your desired criteria.


Reveal lets you use an optimized version of your job posting to vet your existing applicant tracking system for candidates. 



Score is a feature of ThisWay that lets you upload your posting and candidates without integrating with talent management software. You can then see who is best suited for the position within your company. 


These features work with the power of ethical AI and matching events. ThisWay makes your focus stay on the skills of the candidate; not the candidate’s background, helping to mitigate bias and bring the talent forward. Moreover, ThisWay also gives you the ability to find the right candidate and save the time that you spend on filtering. The proprietary ethical AI powering ThisWay makes it super easy for your organization to find the right skill set, which is important with the high number of skill sets and specializations within the technology industry. 

Applicant to match their skills
Schedule a Demo to See How ThisWay Works for Technology Businesses

Looking for a fresh approach to hiring talent? Meet ThisWay–the innovative platform that takes the bias out of recruitment. With ThisWay, you can finally focus on the skills and potential of each candidate, without being sidetracked by irrelevant factors.

ThisWay lets you bypass the hassle of traditional job boards and focus on getting right in and finding the right talent, without the bias. You can search for the right candidates by either submitting your own job description or your applicant data. Plus, our smart features allow you to seamlessly integrate our system with your own applicant database, giving you access to even more great candidates.

And the best part? With ThisWay, you can tap into a vast network of over 169M qualified candidates who are actively seeking their next career opportunity. Simply post your job description to reach them, or use our innovative system to find your perfect match. So why wait? Join the ranks of smart companies who are already using ThisWay to revolutionize their recruitment process. Let us help you make the best hiring decisions – quickly, easily, and without bias.