Talent Acquisition Software for Artificial Intelligence

Talent Acquisition Software for Artificial Intelligence

Organizations are incorporating AI into their business processes and products more than ever. AI has the potential to help with productivity, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction components within virtually any industry. Even though AI is likely to replace millions of jobs over the next several years, AI will also generate close to 97 million jobs, according to the World Economic Forum. 

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What Types of Jobs Will AI Create in the Coming Years?

AI will likely help many existing employees throughout the world automate certain parts of their jobs, enhancing productivity. However, artificial intelligence in and of itself will generate new jobs. These can include:

  • AI Trainers: These people teach artificial intelligence how to analyze prompts and create meaningful input. Relevant skills and background often include a PhD in computer science or other relevant field. 
  • Business Intelligence: People who use AI for business intelligence implement it for big data analysis to make strategic decisions about their business. 
  • AI Ethics Experts:  As AI becomes more integrated into everyday life, companies will need someone to ensure the technology is used ethically and without causing harm to individuals or society as a whole.
  • AI Linguist: With the rise of voice-powered AI assistants, companies will require individuals who can specialize in programming and optimizing the speech recognition capabilities of these systems.
  • AI Marketer: With the vast amounts of data AI can analyze, companies will be looking for individuals who can develop algorithms to analyze this data to create targeted marketing campaigns. AI marketers will be responsible for creating more customized experiences for customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting business revenues. 
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What Hiring Challenges Will the AI Industry Face?

The field of AI faces unique challenges, due to its newness.

What Is ThisWay for AI Companies? 

ThisWay is a platform that helps companies of all types, especially AI organizations, improve their talent screening process. The platform uses ethical AI and matching events to match the ideal candidates with job postings. There are a couple of different ways that organizations tend to use ThisWay:

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A talent specialist can upload a job description and it will be shared with individuals who have matching skill sets.
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An organization can integrate ThisWay with its existing applicant database to screen past talent.
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Hiring professionals can browse through candidates based on preferred skill sets, generating a list of potential candidates for an open position.
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Smaller organizations without a jobs platform can upload their job description and candidate information to see how well-qualified their list is.

In addition to the diversity and inclusion features that ThisWay brings to the table, organizations also benefit largely from the time savings of not having to manually sift through a pile of resumes or filter through applications submitted through job boards. ThisWay helps organizations increase their diversity and inclusion by redacting the demographic information of candidates, letting recruiters focus on skills.

What Types of Job Skills Are Required to Work in the AI industry?

Those who work in the AI industry will likely require extremely diverse skill sets. These skills could include programming, database modeling, machine learning, and problem-solving. However, someone with a background in computer music, video game design, or other unique skill set might also have the skills necessary to work an AI-related job. Recruiters will be able to use ThisWay to filter through candidates based on the unique skill sets that they want to find for the job. ThisWay’s platform will also help match the position with qualified candidates based on matching events and ethical AI that is built into the platform. Some of the skills required to work in AI include:

  • Programming Languages: Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, and Julia is essential for developing AI models and algorithms.
  • Machine Learning: Understanding the fundamentals of machine learning, including supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning, is crucial.
  • Deep Learning: Familiarity with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as neural network architectures, is important for tasks like image recognition and natural language processing.
  • Mathematics: Strong mathematical foundations in linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics are essential for understanding and designing AI algorithms.
  • Data Manipulation: Skills in data preprocessing, data cleaning, and feature engineering are important to work with real-world datasets effectively.

Other skills including ethics, problem solving, and reinforcement learning could potentially be on your list of skills for a qualified client. 

What Features Are Helpful For AI Talent Recruiters?

ThisWay works for businesses of all sizes. The platform makes it very easy, whether or not you have an applicant tracking database. You’ll find that you won’t have to depend on job boards and can find qualified talent quickly. Here are some of the features that make ThisWay a great solution for the AI industry.

  • Attract: Attract lets your organization upload its job descriptions. Unlike a traditional job board, only those individuals with the right qualifications will be notified of your job posting. 
  • Discover: Discover lets you browse candidates in our system that match your preferred skill sets. 
  • Reveal: Reveal will let you focus on your organization’s past candidates. Simply connect ThisWay with your in-house system to start seeing the qualifications of your past candidates. 
  • Score: If you don’t have an applicant tracking system, ThisWay will let your organization upload your job description and candidate information to see if they are qualified for the position. 

These features will help your organization cut through the different applicants and red tape out there quite quickly, developing a pool of talent for your organization that will help fulfill its mission and change in the ever changing landscape of AI. Whether or not you have an acquisition database, ThisWay can work with your organization to reduce bias and improve the pool of qualified candidates that your organization brings in for interviews. 

Book a Demo With ThisWay If You Are Looking for AI Talent 

Some of the skills required for AI are diverse. In an industry that is dominated by cutting edge technology, you will want to move fast to find a group of people who will help your organization fulfill its mission. The AI landscape is constantly changing and growing. While AI will replace many jobs, organizations will also find that they need to create new positions to keep up with the knowledge that is constantly changing and growing. ThisWay can help your organization find the right talent to keep up with the constant flow of changes. Book a demo today to see how our organization and platform can help. 

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