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ThisWay catalyzes talent transformation, enabling exceptional individuals and companies to thrive collaboratively, offering actionable insights throughout the entire talent journey.

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ThisWay helps you find diverse talent, with or without an applicant tracking system.

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Go beyond job boards and launch your Jobs to attract and rank top talent.

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Diversify hiring: Instant access to 169M+ qualified candidates with quick, effortless filtering.

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Seamless integration, ranks past applicants for current positions, saves time, promotes skill-based selection.

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Unleash top talent, no ATS required. Upload jobs, debias selections, and find the best candidates instantly.

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Cultivate Diverse Talent with Ethical AI Solutions

ThisWay’s advanced AI eliminates bias to promote inclusive hiring. 

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Elevating Talent Acquisition Across Industries

ThisWay transforms talent acquisition ethically and effectively in virtually every industry. 

See ThisWay at Work for SportClips


Sport Clips, a leading sports-themed hair salon franchise, faced challenges in optimizing their talent acquisition and candidate pool. They sought to enhance their outreach efforts, streamline candidate scheduling, and improve overall operational efficiency. To address these challenges, Sport Clips partnered with ThisWay Global and IBM Watson Orchestrate.


ThisWay Global, an AI-powered talent acquisition platform, and IBM Watson Orchestrate, an intelligent automation solution, were implemented to revolutionize Sport Clips’ talent acquisition process with the goal of enabling franchisees to efficiently source qualified talent within their respective markets. 


  1. Improved Outreach and Candidate Quality: Sport Clips enhanced their talent sourcing strategies, reaching a larger pool of qualified candidates and securing top talent for their salons.
  2. Streamlined Candidate Scheduling: IBM Watson Orchestrate’s automation simplified scheduling, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Productivity and Operational Effectiveness: The combination of ThisWay Global’s platform and IBM Watson Orchestrate’s automation increased overall productivity, allowing recruiters to focus on candidate evaluation and engagement.

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