Talent Acquisition for Engineering

Talent Acquisition for Engineering

The engineering industry is poised to grow over the coming years. In fact, the Bureau of Labor estimates a large number of employees will need to be hired in the engineering industry due to growth and to replace those individuals who are leaving the workforce. Some of the top jobs in the engineering industry will include systems, electrical, chemical, nuclear, and data engineering due to the growth in these fields. With the growth of hiring anticipated, your company will likely need help finding and sourcing top talent. 

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Challenges For Hiring in the Engineering Industry

The engineering industry has many challenges when it comes to trying to find skilled candidates. These include: 

  • Skill Shortages: This is a problem in the civil engineering field. As many engineers retire, not as many new people with engineering skills are entering the labor force. 
  • Competition: With increased competition from emerging markets, attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for companies in the engineering industry.
  • Diversity: There is a lack of diversity in the engineering workforce, with women and underrepresented groups comprising only a small percentage of the engineering workforce.
  • Aging Workforce: There is a significant number of baby boomers retiring from the engineering workforce, creating a knowledge gap that needs to be addressed by attracting younger talent.
  • Location: The engineering industry requires specialized skills that may be difficult to find in specific locations, leading to recruitment challenges for companies in remote areas.

Location is a challenge that is unique to the engineering industry. Many engineering companies, such as cable internet, require work in rural areas. It takes time to source qualified talent in rural areas or find an individual who is willing to commute or relocate for a position. By position, here are some of the engineering jobs with the worst shortages across the United States:

  • Civil Engineers: Currently, there is a 10% shortage in civil engineers across the United States. This has resulted in many projects being put on hold, and the quality of work being done to decrease, leading to potential safety hazards.
  • Software Engineers: The software engineering field is experiencing a staggering 17% shortage in professionals. The rapid increase in technology has put a huge demand for skilled software engineers to develop and maintain new software applications.
  • Electrical Engineers: Electrical engineering has seen an 8% decline in professionals in recent years, leading to shortages in positions such as power plant engineers, telecommunications engineers, and electricians.
  • Mechanical Engineers: With a current 7% shortage, the mechanical engineering industry has struggled to find individuals who are skilled in the fields of design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. This shortage is also causing delayed timelines for production and decreased innovation in new products.

How ThisWay Can Help Businesses in the Engineering Space

With the growing hiring challenges in the engineering sector, ThisWay is the ideal platform to help companies find top talent quickly. First and foremost, ThisWay lets you bypass the traditional hiring process. By and far, resumes and job search boards are time consuming and labor intensive for talent professionals. ThisWay lets you find top talent through its network of qualified candidates or you can mine your existing candidates for top picks. Another feature of ThisWay is that the platform can help mitigate bias. By redacting demographic data about your candidates, you can see their skills and immediately pick the top candidates. Here is how ThisWay works with your organization’s talent needs: 

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Active Candidate Prospecting

ThisWay has a feature called “Attract,” which removes bias from your job posting and shares it with candidates whose skills match the position that you are trying to fill. Attract eliminates the need for using job boards to collect resumes from candidates who may not be qualified for the position. 


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Candidate Search

ThisWay has another feature called “Discover” that lets you search through qualified candidates in our system. You can select the candidates that match the position best and then invite them to apply for the job.

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Existing Talent Mining

Every organization has past candidates for older job postings. If your business uses an applicant tracking system, a feature called “Reveal” will integrate with your candidate database to find past applicants. Another feature called “Score” does not require a candidate database. You simply upload the job description, which is debiased, and then rank your existing candidates, which are also uploaded.


Certifications in the engineering industry are often very niche and unique. ThisWay lets you filter through individuals that have certain certifications, ranging from project management to leadership, that are vital for an engineering organization to succeed. 

How Does Ethical AI Help Engineering Companies Find Qualified Candidates?

ThisWay’s platform utilizes ethical AI to help your organization find qualified candidates. Whether integrating your system or browsing our network of candidates, ThisWay redacts certain demographic information about the individual and uses matching events to help find the perfect skill set for the position that you are trying to fill. Ethical AI can help you find candidates:

  • Who are uniquely qualified for your job, no matter the demographic background.
  • That are willing to commute or relocate for a particular position, no matter where the position is located.
  • Have unique skill sets that are perfectly suited for your job, as well as certifications, such as PMI certifications. 
  • Who are likely to stay with your company for a longer period of time because their skills are perfect for the position and the bias has been removed from the screening process. 

ThisWay adds value to your talent screening process, saving your organization time, effort, energy, and money.  

ThisWay Also Includes Government and Defense Talent

Many engineering organizations need top talent for government and defense contracts. These companies require individuals with more experience and a robust skill set. Some government and defense contracts require higher educational levels and specialized certifications. With the power of ThisWay, your organization can easily find top talent for these types of positions and get around the challenge of the competitive market. 

Book a Demo With ThisWay to Learn More

If your engineering organization needs help finding and keeping top talent, look no further than ThisWay. Our ethical AI platform helps your organization scale and grow by getting you the right talent, before you even bring them in for an interview. Our platform connects you with talent, bringing you in vetted candidates. Additionally, you can focus on diversity within your organization. ThisWay lets you recruit talent without bias, creating a more productive working environment for your company in the future. Learn more about ThisWay by booking a demo with us today. 

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