Why ThisWay?

While many companies embrace AI matching, most do so in suboptimal ways. ThisWay offers a multifaceted solution for Talent Acquisition.

How is ThisWay different?

We taught the ThisWay matching engine through 15 trillion matching events with no human influence, so you can instantly benefit from a diverse talent pool.

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Scalable for Any Team

ThisWay meets the needs of large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. Our platform will deliver diverse, qualified results within seconds, whether 10 applicants or 10,000!

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Transferable Skills Analysis

Traditional recruiting processes rely heavily on candidates’ prior job titles. We analyze candidates’ entire work history and identify how their diverse experience and skillset can be a great match.

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Prioritize Qualified Candidates

Whether in our easy-to-use interface or directly integrated with your ATS or CRM system, candidates are scored out of 100, so you can quickly identify who to contact first.

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More features

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Find More Qualified Candidates With Less Effort

Let ThisWay empower your talent acquisition process with AI-driven technology, revolutionizing the way you acquire diverse talent.

Take the first step towards a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.

Start Improving Your Talent Acquisition In 30 Minutes Or Less

Say goodbye to the paperwork and hello to efficient talent acquisition. With access to 169 million diverse candidates, you can quickly source, evaluate, and contact potential candidates while reducing bias and increasing organizational diversity.

Take action today and book a demo to see firsthand how ThisWay Global's technology can transform your diversity recruiting efforts.

Maximize your Talent Acquisition ROI

We’re aware that posting new jobs can be expensive. That’s why we give you the power to leverage the candidates already in your database!

Minimize Your Reliability Posting on Job Boards


"More than two thirds of organizations rely on a social media platform, like LinkedIn, or a job board to source talent. With ThisWay, you can actively or passively find candidates who might be a good fit for your organization. This is where the “Attract” and “Discover” features come into play. With Attract, you can optimize and debias your job posting before sharing it with ThisWay’s network of 8,500+ diversity partners. Your job posting will only be shared with those individuals who possess the skills for the position that you are looking to fill. Discover is another feature of ThisWay that lets you search for potentially qualified candidates who are a good fit for your organization."

Leverage Your Existing Applicant Data


ThisWay also lets you look in your existing applicant database. “Reveal” will easily connect ThisWay with your database, letting you filter existing candidates. “Score” is another feature that will let you screen existing applicants if you do not have a database. ThisWay will redact the applicant’s background information that might bias the screening process, letting you focus exclusively on the skills that qualify them for your open position..

Source Candidates Without the Bias

Generative AI Job Description 

When you create job descriptions for job boards, certain words can create bias in terms of the applicants that will apply. Phrases such as “work hard, play hard,” may discourage certain demographics from applying for the position. With ThisWay, you can minimize bias with your job postings and push those positions to candidates who are a good fit, regardless of their background.

Improve your workflow

Reduce bias and increase organizational diversity through automation and ethical AI through ThisWay.

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