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different biases in recruitment

How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision [Infographic]

Hiring exceptional talents depends on an objective workforce recruitment process. However, most hiring practices are laden with different unconscious biases, and companies are spending big ...
ThisWay Blog

10 Unique Recruiting Ideas to Win Top Talents

Attracting talented recruits is not a matter of chance. In today’s competitive job market, a killer recruitment strategy is a must. A lone job advertisement ...
ThisWay Blog

Introduction to Workplace Culture – It Makes A Difference [Part 1]

While the conversation surrounding workplace culture seems relatively new, it has been an important aspect of the workplace for as long as people have been ...
Job market

4 Qualities of a “Unicorn Hire” and How to Attract This Kind of Employee

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappe has been making some pretty big waves on social media. This sweet-n-sour, pink and blue, swirly sprinkle-topped concoction is drawing in ...
ThisWay Blog

8 Strategic Steps to Successful Volume Recruitment [Infographic]

A major challenge faced by recruiters is volume recruitment. Volume recruitment also goes by such labels as bulk recruitment, ramp-up recruitment, or seasonal recruitment. All ...
recruiting problems

How to Solve the Top 5 Problems Faced by Recruiters Today

Modern-day recruiters face a new set of challenges stemming from a variety of factors. There’s the pressure of keeping abreast with fast-changing technologies. In some ...
Press Release

ThisWay Global launches strategic partnership with HireAbility to power recruitment with Artificial Intelligence

ThisWay Global, a Cambridge-based technology company that has launched a software platform powered by machine learning for the recruitment industry, has joined forces with HireAbility, ...

Normal Hiring Process VS Machine Learning Recruitment: A Comparison Guide

Most companies and businesses invest a lot of time, money, and human resources in finding the perfect talents for an open position. A huge portion ...