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ThisWay Blog

3 Key Concepts of an Enjoyable Workplace Culture [Part 3]

Whether your company culture is more like the creatively propelled Warby Parker, the competitive-to-no-end nature of Amazon, or somewhere in between, there are a few ...
neurological research career
Job market

Neurological Research as a Career: What You Need to Know

As a term used to describe someone’s career, “neurological research” sounds a bit vague. So, I asked Cameron Blount, 22, to expand on what her ...
Google For Jobs
google for jobs

Why Google for Jobs is a Big Deal for Recruiters and Job Seekers

While working 9-to-5 jobs is hard work, the process of looking for one is often just as exhausting. You need to craft a good-looking resume, ...
influencers every recruiter should follow
recruiting influencers to follow

15 Influencers Every Recruiter Needs to Follow on Twitter

Social media has become a major part of everyone’s lives. Even businesses have integrated social media into their workforce recruitment campaigns, which has considerably helped ...
career tests

Personality Tests Useful in Your Professional Career

The premise of personality tests ranges from Friends episodes to ice cream flavors, superheroes, and more. It’s hard to deny they can provide excellent entertainment ...
ThisWay Blog

Successful Culture Creation – More Than One Approach [Part 2]

In Part One: Intro to Workplace Culture – It Makes A Difference, I touched only briefly on a few of the things that set eyeglasses ...
diversity issues in the workplace

7 Biggest Diversity Issues in The Workplace

Workforce recruitment companies always battle diversity issues every day. While some believe that diversity in the workplace is as simple as meeting the required quotas ...
best recruitment strategies

4 Warning Signs Your Recruitment Strategy Is Headed for Failure

Recruiters and HR professionals sometimes focus on the wrong tactics and use inefficient recruitment platforms. This results in steep recruitment costs, lengthy recruitment processes, and ...