15 Influencers Every Recruiter Needs to Follow on Twitter


Social media has become a major part of everyone’s lives. Even businesses have integrated social media into their workforce recruitment campaigns, which has considerably helped recruiters get connected to the right talent.

According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job hunt, and it’s one of the reasons building an online presence is necessary for recruiters. Twitter is one of the leading platforms used by recruiters in talent acquisition.

Aside from sourcing top talents, Twitter can also be a powerful tool for recruiters to get inspiration from thought leaders in the industry. Here are the top 15 influencers for recruiters who need that great nugget of wisdom for a successful workday:


1. Will Staney – @willstaney

Will is the former Head of Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor who later started his own recruitment consulting firm, ProActive Talent Strategies, LLC.

He tweets about tips on employer branding, modern recruitment strategies, and news on the recruiting industry.


2. Angela Hood – @angelahood90

A full-time mom and founder of a tech startup, ThisWay Global, Angela tweets about startups, recruitment, and the effects of artificial intelligence in hiring.

Her HR tech company develops a recruitment platform that promotes diversity in the recruiting industry.


3. Stacy Zapar – @StacyZapar

Considered as the ‘Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn,’ Stacy is the founder of TenFold and The Talent Agency, which helps businesses get connected to recruiters and talent acquisition professionals.

She tweets on the state of talent sourcing, employer branding, and occasionally shares her general tips for connecting with people.


4. Tim Sackett – @TimSackett

A self-proclaimed world expert on workplace hugging (per his Twitter bio), Tim Sackett is a husband and HR professional with 20 years of experience in the industry.

Tim shares posts from his blog, The Tim Sackett Project, as well as insights as to how his experiences made him an expert in his HR career (and humorous ones, too!).


5. Irina Shamaeva – @braingain

Renowned speaker and master sourcer, Irina, is a thought leader in social recruiting, sourcing, and Internet research.

Irina is also the Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting and shares her stories and insights over at her blog, Boolean Strings.


6. Maren Hogan – @marenhogan

Maren Hogan acts as Chief Marketing Brain for Red Branch Media, a marketing firm she founded in her 15 years of experience in the HR and recruiting industry.

Maren tweets about recruiting, employer branding, and tips on connecting with your target audience. You may also get a glimpse of Instagram shares about her personal life.


7. Jason Buss – @jjbuss

A renowned speaker and global leader in talent acquisition, Jason has over 20 years of experience in the HR industry. He’s the founder of Recruiters.Network, an organization that organizes conferences and events for recruiters.

He regularly shares tidbits on his conferences, as well as industry news related to talent acquisition and recruiting.


8. Steve Boese – @SteveBoese

Steve Boese is a regular columnist for the HR Executive Magazine and is currently co-chair of HR Technology, the world’s largest annual conference on the state of technology and HR industries.

With a background in using tech to solve business problems, Steve brings a fresh perspective on the HR industry in his tweets, as well as the occasional cat tweet (which is still related to recruiting).


9. Jennifer McClure – @JenniferMcClure

Jennifer McClure shines as a keynote speaker and thought leader on leadership, public speaking, HR, and the future of work.

She is the CEO of DisruptHR, and tweets about tips on public speaking, along with some inspirational quotes for leaders.


10. Susan S. LaMotte – @SusanLaMotte

Mom of two and CEO of exaqueo, Susan is named one of the top 20 thought leaders on the future of work.

She’s known for coining the phrase “where business meets behavior,” and tweets about employer branding and the importance of authenticity in a company brand.


11. Glen Cathey – @GlenCathey

Glen may have had a rough start in the recruiting industry, but when he picked up the pace, he even outperformed his peers. A self-proclaimed geek on big data and AI, Glen is now a leader in talent sourcing, with 16 years of experience under his belt.

Aside from tweeting interesting news and personal anecdotes, he also blogs at Boolean Black Belt.


12. Trish McFarlane – @TrishMcFarlane

Professional speaker and author of HR Ringleader blog, Trish, is taking care of her twins while working as VP of Global HCM Strategy & Product Management at Infor.

Trish co-hosts the HR Happy Hour Show podcast and tweets about industry news and updates on HR.


13. Craig Fisher – @Fishdogs

Craig talks about inbound recruiting, employer branding, and personal branding on various conferences. His mission is to help individuals and teams to have a more “social” brand online.

He shares tips on inbound strategies and relevant news on tech and recruiting.


14. Meghan M. Biro – @MeghanMBiro

Meghan is featured in major business publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, where she writes about the future of work and the importance of culture in the modern workplace.

She shares articles on HR, growth hacking, and some of her personal adventures.


15. Kevin W. Grossman – @KevinWGrossman

Kevin is the President of TheTalentBoard.org and is a thought leader in business, tech, and recruiting. He regularly tweets industry news and shares his insights on the latest trends.


Whether you’re looking to connect with the brightest minds in the industry or just searching for words of wisdom, following these 15 influencers on Twitter can give you the push you need to be a better recruiter.

If you’re looking for more interesting reads on recruiting and HR industry, check out ThisWay Global’s blog and Twitter feed filled with fresh content!

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Twitter can also be a powerful tool for recruiters to get inspiration from thought leaders. Read our list of top influencers every recruiter must follow.
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