How To Use Ethical AI For Recruiting

How To Use Ethical AI For Recruiting

Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through resumes and conducting interviews, only to end up with a pool of candidates that may not be the best fit for your company? As a recruiter or talent professional, you know firsthand the challenges of finding and attracting top talent in today’s competitive job market.

Studies have shown that on average, it takes over 40 days to fill a position and costs a company an average of $4,129 per hire. But what if there was a way to streamline the recruiting process and ensure that ethical considerations are taken into account when making hiring decisions? Enter ethical AI and talent management software. By incorporating these technologies into the recruiting process, HR professionals can not only save time and money but also make more informed and ethical hiring decisions. 

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Sharing a Job Posting With Qualified Candidates

In traditional recruitment processes, job postings are typically shared on various job boards. This method, although broad in reach, has its challenges. Studies show that 50% of job applicants, on average, lack the necessary skills for the job they applied for. A single job post can attract hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants, making it overwhelming for recruiters to sift through them all. An additional hurdle is that of relevance. With a vast number of applications, there’s a risk of missing out on the most qualified candidates due to sheer volume. Ethical AI technology can help target and share job postings with qualified candidates, reducing the clutter of irrelevant applications. This enables HR professionals to efficiently reach suitable candidates, saving valuable time, and improving the quality of the talent pool.

ThisWay will take sharing a job posting to the next level. With the “Attract” feature, your organization can upload a job description, have any bias removed, and share it with candidates in the ThisWay network that have the requisite skills for the job posting. 

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Finding and Researching Qualified Candidates

Researching potential candidates is an essential, albeit time-consuming part of talent acquisition. Talent professionals often spend hours on platforms like LinkedIn, painstakingly poring over profiles to find individuals who possess the right skills for a job opening. This strategy can yield results but often falls prey to inefficiency and bias.

Ethical AI can transform this process, offering an efficient and fair approach to finding qualified candidates. Using predictive analytics and machine learning, ethical AI can sift through large amounts of data, identifying candidates with the requisite skills and experience for a specific role.

ThisWay’s “Discover” feature eliminates the need to manually search for potential hires, saving time, and minimizing human bias. You can easily sort through candidates based upon their skills, without being exposed to information that might bias you about the candidate. This is also a helpful way for a recruiter to craft job descriptions and postings or brainstorm a new role that they might want to create within their company. 

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Finding Past Qualified Talent In Your System

According to a recent LinkedIn report, approximately 30% of hires come from within the organization, and these internal hires tend to be higher performers and stay at the company longer. Thus, it is essential to effectively tap into this potential. With the help of ethical AI technology, it’s possible to mine your existing systems for past applicants who showed promise but weren’t hired for some reason.

ThisWay includes a feature called “Reveal,” which integrates seamlessly with your applicant tracking system. Your organization can review past candidates for a new role within your company. This can save time during the talent screening process. It also can help an organization bring a strong candidate for a role that better places them within the company. 

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Reviewing Candidate Data If You Don't Have an Applicant Tracking System

Not all businesses have an applicant tracking system, especially smaller organizations. Many small businesses will post on job boards, resulting in an influx of candidates that the owner needs to sort through relatively quickly to fill the position. In fact, many businesses might need to fill a new job posting within a few days.

ThisWay’s “Score” feature helps small businesses solve this problem. The inputs for “Score” include the candidate data and the job posting. ThisWay’s platform will remove bias from the job description and match candidates based upon their relevant skills, helping small businesses quickly fill their need for candidates. 

How Ethical AI Can Improve An Organization’s Diversity and Inclusion

Workplace diversity and inclusion is no longer just a moral imperative; it’s a business one. McKinsey’s 2018 “Delivering Through Diversity” report found that companies with diverse executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform less diverse competitors in terms of profitability. Ethical AI can be a significant player in advancing diversity and inclusion.

Traditionally, unconscious bias can creep into the recruiting process, impacting decision-making. Ethical AI, however, can help reduce this bias. By focusing on skills and experience, ethical AI promotes a more balanced and unbiased candidate selection process, ultimately leading to a more diverse workforce. 

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We invite you to experience the transformative impact of ethical AI with our platform, ThisWay. See firsthand how our “Attract,” “Discover,” “Reveal,” and “Score” features can streamline your recruitment, reduce bias, and improve diversity in your organization. Let’s together make talent acquisition more efficient, ethical, and effective than ever before.

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