How To Recruit Employees

How To Recruit Employees

Are you looking to expand your team and wondering how to recruit employees effectively? Look no further! As a business owner, you know that the success of your organization depends heavily on the people you hire. According to LinkedIn, 76% of recruiters identify finding the right candidate for the role as their biggest challenge. It’s not just about filling a vacant position, it’s about finding the right fit for your company’s culture and goals. After all, qualified candidates result in qualified, productive employees.

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Create Compelling, Bias-Free Job Postings

As an employer, you understand that diversity and inclusion are not merely buzzwords; they are crucial for the growth of any organization. However, unconscious bias can creep into the recruitment process unknowingly. To ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process, it is important to create job postings that are free of bias and gender-neutral language.

A well-crafted, bias-free job description will not only ensure fairness but also attract a broader range of candidates with varied skills and experiences. Using inclusive language can help attract diverse candidates, which has been proven to increase productivity. McKinsey’s research indicates that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean. Therefore, creating compelling, bias-free job postings is a win-win situation. It ensures that you cast a wider net in your candidate search and contributes to building a more diverse, inclusive, and productive workplace.

Many of ThisWay’s features will help mitigate bias in your job descriptions, better aligning your candidates’ skill sets with the job posting. 

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Share Your Job Posting With Qualified Candidates

Targeting your job postings to qualified candidates can save significant time and resources. According to Glassdoor, nearly half of small businesses report their main challenge is getting unqualified applicants. CareerBuilder suggests that 75% of employers have hired the wrong person for a position, leading to high turnover rates and costs up to $15,000 per bad hire.

Job boards and social engines like LinkedIn and Indeed are a great way to attract resumes, but poorly crafted descriptions can lead to an influx of candidates without the skills required for the posting. ThisWay utilizes a feature called Attract, which will remove bias from your job description and share that posting with a small pool of qualified candidates. Instead of depending upon resumes, ThisWay lets you invite qualified applicants to view and apply for a job posting.

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Vet Your Existing ATS For Past Talent

Did you know that your past applicants could be your future employees? According to a study by Lever, a talent software company, 48% of successful hires come from companies’ existing applicant databases. This suggests that investing time in nurturing relationships with past candidates can pay off significantly in the future. This is where ThisWay’s ‘Reveal’ feature comes in handy. ‘Reveal’ integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to tap into this underutilized resource, helping you find high-potential candidates for new positions who have already shown interest in your company. It essentially brings back the spotlight to those applicants who might have narrowly missed out on an opportunity previously but could be a perfect fit for a new position. In this way, ‘Reveal’ not only reduces the time and effort in sourcing new candidates but also enhances the overall efficiency of your recruitment process. 

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Search for Candidates With Ideal Skills

Finding the ideal candidate can pose a challenge. This is where researching candidates’ skills comes into play. Platforms like LinkedIn enable recruiters to scrutinize candidates even before rolling out the job description. Ascertaining the ideal skills for a specific role and seeking candidates with those skills can significantly streamline the hiring process.

ThisWay takes this up a notch with its ‘Discover’ feature. This feature lets you actively search for candidates based on the skills your company needs. ‘Discover’ essentially enables you to tailor your search, enabling you to proactively seek candidates that align with your company’s needs and culture, rather than passively waiting for resumes to come to you. This strategic approach can drastically cut down recruitment time and help you discover potential candidates that might otherwise have slipped through the cracks who might. 

Treat Prospective Candidates Like Customers

In a competitive talent market, treating prospective candidates as customers is more than just a polite gesture. It can significantly impact your ability to attract the best talent. Research shows that 69% of job seekers would reject a job offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed. A positive candidate experience is crucial as it not only influences a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer but also their view of your company as a whole.

For example, Zappos, known for its outstanding customer service, also applies its customer-centric approach to candidates. This strategy has helped the company to not only attract top talent but also achieve a turnover rate that is significantly lower than the industry average. Treating candidates like customers by providing clear communication, feedback, and respect can greatly enhance your employer brand and make your organization a desirable place to work. This approach, coupled with ThisWay’s features, can help you find the best candidates with the right skills, thereby reducing employee turnover.

Leverage ThisWay to Attract Candidates

ThisWay Global’s AI-driven platform is a game-changer when it comes to attracting quality candidates. The advanced algorithms ensure that you connect with candidates that are not just qualified, but are also the right fit for your company culture. Utilizing data-driven recruitment, ThisWay brings precision to your talent acquisition process. Using ThisWay not only helps you attract the right talent but also fosters a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Elevate your recruitment strategy and ensure you’re securing the top talent in the industry with ThisWay Global.