How Your AI Works

Your recruiting AI learns how you source, screen and recruit and instantly analyzes data on over 300 million candidates to deliver detailed and scored matches in just minutes.

It’s Simple

It’s Affordable

No Integration Required

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Friendly

Works for all types of candidates and all types of companies.


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This signature Ai learns from you and creates algorithms based on how you source talent for each job, at each location.

Find the needle in the haystack of candidates.

Find a bunch of needles.

Find the whole haystack.

Your Ai will find the candidates you need, even the ones right under your nose…well at least in your database!

Through 2800+ proprietary partners, we connect you to over 300 million candidates worldwide.

Our matching is based on nearly 16,000 data points because we match people to jobs, not just resumes to job descriptions. This difference is very important and is just one more way we differentiate ourselves from other recruiting technologies.

Match-icĀ® machine learning algorithm
The End Result

The Benefits

Both candidates and employers want a simple process that can help them both find a meaningful match.
Our employers are excited to discover candidates that are:

  • Qualified in terms of education, experience, skills, etc.
  • Attracted to the opportunity in terms of location, compensation, etc.
  • Diverse in terms of cultural fit for the role regarding gender, race, religion etc.
  • Matched in terms of personality, culture, goals, motivations, etc.

Global Problem. Global Solution.

Based on growing international demand, ThisWay technology is now available in 39 languages and hosts candidates from over 100 countries across the globe.

Our company began in Cambridge, England and now has additional offices in Austin, TX, and Silicon Valley, with an east coast US office planned for 2018.

Global Problem - Global Solution


  • 72% of employees are unhappy at their current job
  • 52% of organisations are dissatisfied with the hiring process
  • 68% of the workforce is disengaged at work
  • 34% increase in ROI is delivered when you have a diverse team