How AI4Jobs Works For You:


STEP 1: Our technology instantly matches people to jobs, not resumes/CV’s to job descriptions.

STEP 2: We will rank and score your applicants for every job; often identifying qualified applicants that have been overlooked due to technical issues caused by ATS systems and cognitive bias’.

STEP 3: If you need additional qualified candidates then our tech will source those for you, through our 2800+ candidate partners.


YES, we can integrate with your ATS and CRM systems.

YES, you can use our platform without any integration being required.

YES, it works for all jobs, all locations, including full-time, contingent, etc.

No, we do not need to ‘see’ your data.

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Our 2800+ proprietary partners include HR tech partners, employers, universities, professional organizations, trade unions, non-profits and many other 

Matching people to jobs requires complex ontologies and includes the use of 16,000 data points. This is our secret sauce and delivers outcomes that no other company can deliver.


Match-ic® machine learning algorithm
The End Result

The Outcomes:

Everyday we enjoy the benefits of technology and now you can enjoy the benefit of technology helping you scale your own intelligence:

  • stop looking through resumes 
  • spend your time speaking with only qualified candidates
  • let tech source qualified talent for open jobs
  • have more time for higher value, strategic work

Global Problem. Global Solution.

Based on growing international demand, ThisWay technology is now available in 39 languages and hosts candidates from over 100 countries across the globe.

Our alumni/founder was incubated at ideaSpace – University of  Cambridge in England.

We are headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in Silicon Valley & Los Angeles with an East Coast office opening in 2019.

Global Problem - Global Solution


  • 72% of employees are unhappy at their current job
  • 52% of organisations are dissatisfied with the hiring process
  • 68% of the workforce is disengaged at work
  • 34% increase in ROI is delivered when you have a diverse team