How ThisWay works

Our Match-ic™ machine learning algorithm does in seconds what it takes an HR professional 40 hours to do. The problem with quickly finding and attracting the right candidates, both passive and active, is that the current processes and systems find large amounts of unstructured data very difficult to handle efficiently and effectively.  The information is there but they are truly needles in haystacks.

People don’t typically like to work with data of any kind but ThisWay structures all types of data from all types of sources into beautiful, simple profiles that are easy to understand and more importantly, Match-ic’d to your open positions. The beauty is that we help you optimize the individuals’ profiles but no extensive training is required. ThisWay saves you time and money by scouring the web to bring you not only the most qualified candidates, but those who fit your culture and will thrive as part of your team.

Match-ic® machine learning algorithm
The End Result

The end result

Both candidates and potential employers need less ‘noise’ in the hiring process.
Candidates want to find suitable roles and employers want spend their time working with the most appropriate candidates; so they only see candidates whom are:

  • Qualified in terms of education, experience, skills, etc.
  • Attracted to the opportunity in terms of location, compensation, travel requirements, etc.
  • Diverse in terms of cultural fit for the role regarding gender, race, religion etc.
  • Matched in terms of personality, culture, goals, motivations, etc.

Global problem, Global solution

Through our technology, we are already working across the globe, but we also like to be close to our customers. So, in October 2016 we opened our US operations in Austin, Texas. We have operational partners throughout Europe and Australia and will be adding the same in Japan in 2017.
Currently, our R&D office is just footsteps away from the train station in Cambridge, UK. Our London business office is in Westminster.

Global Problem - Global Solution


  • 72% of employees are unhappy at their current job
  • 52% of organisations are dissatisfied with the hiring process
  • 68% of the workforce is disengaged at work
  • 14% increase in ROI is delivered when you have a diverse team, because they are happier and more engaged