At ThisWay Global®, we understand the importance of fairness and impartiality when it comes to screening job candidates for government job positions. Our AI-based talent search technology simplifies the process while ensuring that each candidate is evaluated fairly, based solely on their skills and qualifications. By leveraging the power of ethical AI, we empower organizations to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace while also streamlining their recruitment efforts. With our technology, companies can be confident in their ability to hire the best candidates without any bias. Join us as we work to create a better future for businesses and employees alike. 

Thisway Hiring Process

Growth of Jobs in the Government Sector

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant growth in the government jobs sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a 5% increase in employment for federal, state, and local government jobs between 2010 and 2020. The federal government has seen a particularly strong growth, with a 9.8% increase in employment over the same period. This growth is attributed to the expanding needs of government programs and the need for workers to meet those demands. Additionally, as more baby boomers reach retirement age, there will be even greater demand for government jobs to replace the retiring workforce. This growth in the government jobs sector offers new opportunities for individuals seeking stable and long-term careers with good benefits.

State and local government jobs can also benefit from an ethical AI platform to keep up with projected growth. Law enforcement officers are needed to maintain public safety and uphold the rule of law in the communities they serve. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of police and detectives is projected to grow by 5 percent from 2019 to 2029. With an annual median salary of $65,170, police officers play a crucial role in keeping communities safe from crime.

Social services providers are required to assist the most vulnerable members of the community, such as the elderly, children, and low-income families. These workers are responsible for administering public assistance programs, including welfare and food stamp benefits, and ensuring that eligible individuals receive the assistance they need. The BLS projects that employment in social and human services will grow by 17 percent from 2019 to 2029, adding over 650,000 new jobs to the economy. The median salary for these positions is $47,690 per year. Other jobs at the local and state level include engineers, executive assistants, and project managers.  

Challenges With Hiring in the Government Sector

One of the major challenges with recruitment in the government sector is the lack of diversity, with women and minorities being underrepresented. In 2020, women represented only 44% of the workforce in the federal government, despite making up 50% of the population. 

Identifying relevant skill sets can also prove to be difficult, as job descriptions often require specific technical qualifications and certifications that many candidates may not possess. Furthermore, budget constraints can also impact the recruitment and hiring process, leading to fewer resources being available for sourcing and evaluating talent. However, with a targeted and inclusive recruitment strategy, organizations can overcome these challenges and effectively identify the right talent for their government jobs. ThisWay’s ethical AI can help overcome some of these challenges.

Another issue with government recruiting is bias. Many talent recruiters and hiring specialists will acclimate towards middle-aged individuals. ThisWay will redact candidate information that is not relevant to the position, letting you focus specifically on skills that qualify that individual for the position. Also, when you upload candidates or sync ThisWay with your system, the ethical AI platform will automatically mitigate bias from the job description, helping you find the right candidates the very first time. 

Features That Make ThisWay a Great Fit for Government Job Recruitment

With ThisWay’s unique features, recruiters can easily identify top-notch prospects that possess the necessary skills and experience needed for government positions. 

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The Attract feature allows recruiters to post job openings to qualified candidates, creating an opportunity for the right candidate to discover their dream job. This can help attract applicants that might not have found the job on their own, providing the chance to reach out to new pools of candidates.

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Discover, on the other hand, is the perfect feature for when you have a specific job in mind and need to find qualified candidates for it. It makes searching for applicants with certain qualifications easier than ever before.

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With the Score feature, recruiters can find top talent from their previous applicants by uploading resumes and using an AI-powered scoring system that identifies which candidates have the right qualifications for the current position. This saves time and effort by finding past applicants who have already been pre-vetted for a government job, ensuring that only the best prospects are brought forward.

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Reveal offers integration with an applicant database to identify previous candidates that are likely a good fit for the current position. This makes finding the right person for the job even more convenient, as the best candidates are already waiting in the wings. 

ThisWay’s innovative features provide a holistic approach to finding top candidates for government jobs, helping recruiters to streamline their recruitment process and make the best hires possible. With Attract, Discover, Score, and Reveal, finding the right candidate for a government position has never been easier. 

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With an ethical AI talent platform, your government entity can find talent with ease. Some of our features will let your department mitigate bias when considering candidates. You will also find it easy to pull a pool of qualified candidates relatively quickly, bypassing the traditional job board process, where your organization will have to vet candidates manually to weed out applicants.

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