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Recruiting Businesses

ThisWay’s cloud-based recruiting technology uses Match-ic machine learning algorithms to connect businesses to both passive and active candidates that are qualified for your job.

Talent Mapping, Sourcing, Enrichment and Matching are each benefits that our platform offers you, a la carte or as an integrated tech solution.

Talent Mapping: Identify the size & quality of the available talent pool.

Sourcing: Find qualified candidates from TWG 300+ million person talent pool.

Enrichment: Update candidate records in your database to source fresh talent.

Matching: Receive scored candidate results based on 16,000 matching points.

Cloud-Based Access is available from any browser and we have YouTube Videos to help you get started in just 10 minutes.

Recruiting Technology

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  • Smart Parsing
  • Ontological Matching
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Scored Matching

Direct Employers of All Sizes

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  • Find qualified candidates
  • No job post required.
  • Immediate Success.

Staffing Agencies

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  • Receive talent mapping.
  • Find qualified candidates.
  • Deliver results faster.