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Ethical AI Features

ThisWay Global’s Advanced Tools for Inclusive Talent Acquisition

Long before they became buzzwords, we seamlessly integrated Ethical AI and diversity into the very fabric of our platform.

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AI-Powered Candidate Skills Matching

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to surface highly qualified candidates. Our advanced algorithms ensure you discover the best matches for your roles effortlessly.

Fair and Secure Recruitment Technology

Utilize ThisWay Global’s fair and secure recruitment technology to guarantee unbiased candidate evaluations. We prioritize diversity and inclusion, providing a level playing field for all applicants.

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Go beyond job boards and launch your Jobs to attract and rank top talent.


Diversify hiring: Instant access to 169M+ qualified candidates with quick, effortless filtering.

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Seamless integration, ranks past applicants for current positions, saves time, promotes skill-based selection.


Unleash top talent, no ATS required. Upload jobs, debias selections, and find the best candidates instantly.

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