Diversity Recruitment

Diversity Recruitment

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are recognizing the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A diverse workforce brings numerous benefits to organizations, such as an increase in innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. However, despite the well-documented benefits of diversity, recruiters face challenges in attracting diverse candidates. Traditional recruiting methods, biases, and limited networks are some of the hurdles that need to be overcome. In order to tap into the wealth of diverse talent, recruiters require effective solutions that can help them identify, attract, and retain a diverse pool of candidates.

ThisWay Global, a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions, addresses these challenges and helps organizations achieve effective diversity recruitment. Our features and technologies facilitate inclusive hiring practices, ensuring fair evaluations, seamless integration with existing HR systems, and streamlining of recruitment processes. By leveraging ThisWay Global’s innovative software solutions, organizations can unlock the full potential of diverse talent and realize the many benefits it brings.

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The Power of Diversity

By fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, companies harness the power of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. This leads to improved decision-making, increased creativity, and ultimately, enhanced business performance. A study conducted by McKinsey reaffirms the link between diversity and financial outperformance. The research findings indicate that companies with higher gender diversity on their executive teams have a 21% likelihood of outperforming their industry peers on profitability. Similarly, companies with more ethnically and culturally diverse executive teams have a 33% likelihood of outperforming peers on profitability. These correlations are consistent across geographies and have remained statistically significant.

Furthermore, diverse teams are better equipped to understand customer needs and create products or services that cater to a broader range of demographics. According to LinkedIn, organizations with diverse leadership teams are 70% more likely to capture new markets and achieve greater success. These statistics emphasize the importance of diversity in recruitment and highlight the need for companies to make it a priority.

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Challenges in Diversity Recruitment

Despite recognizing the importance of diversity, organizations often face challenges in attracting and retaining diverse talent. Biases, unconscious or otherwise, can hinder the recruitment process and limit the diversity of the applicant pool. Additionally, poor outreach strategies and a lack of diverse networks can further amplify these difficulties. To overcome these challenges, organizations can leverage technology platforms like ThisWay.

About ThisWay Global

ThisWay Global is a trusted and innovative provider of talent acquisition solutions.  With our advanced technologies and comprehensive platform, we help organizations find, attract, and hire the best-fit candidates for their diverse talent needs.

At the core of ThisWay Global’s mission is a strong commitment to diversity recruitment. We recognize the importance of fostering inclusive workplaces and understand the value that diverse talent brings to organizations. By leveraging the power of ethical AI and business automation, ThisWay Global aims to unlock human potential and create opportunities for all candidates, regardless of their background or characteristics.

Features of ThisWay Global for Diversity Recruitment

ThisWay Global provides a comprehensive suite of features and technologies that specifically cater to the needs of diversity recruitment. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions, ThisWay Global enables organizations to identify, attract, and retain a diverse pool of candidates.

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Attract: Inclusive Job Descriptions

ThisWay Global recognizes the importance of inclusive job descriptions in attracting diverse candidates. Our platform leverages AI to analyze job descriptions for gender-coded language and biased terminology, providing actionable suggestions to optimize the language and increase inclusivity. By using inclusive job descriptions, organizations can attract a wider range of candidates and ensure that underrepresented groups feel encouraged to apply. 

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Discover: Ethical AI-powered Matching Technology

ThisWay Global’s matching technology utilizes ethical AI algorithms to ensure fair and unbiased evaluations of candidates. By focusing on skills, qualifications, and experience, rather than demographic information, the technology helps eliminate biases and promotes inclusivity in the hiring process. Recruiters can confidently rely on our AI-powered matching technology to identify highly qualified and diverse candidates quickly. 

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Reveal: Proactive Candidate Sourcing

Our platform employs smart sourcing strategies to proactively identify diverse talent from a company’s existing talent pool. By seamlessly integrating with a company’s existing talent acquisition platform, recruiters will have the ability to uncover past candidates within the company’s database who are perfectly suited for current job openings. This innovative feature eliminates the need for time-consuming and repetitive candidate searches, allowing recruiters to tap into their existing talent pool and make more informed hiring decisions. 

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Score: Analytics and Reporting

ThisWay Global’s platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities. Companies can easily upload a job description and a candidate’s resume, and the feature will generate a comprehensive scoring system. Leveraging AI technology, this feature analyzes various factors, including skills, experience, and qualifications, assigning each candidate a score based on their alignment with the job requirements. This objective scoring system helps companies make informed decisions by objectively evaluating candidates against specific job criteria.

Streamlined and Efficient Recruitment Workflow

Our diversity recruitment solution with IBM® watsonx Orchestrate streamlines and automates various recruitment workflows, saving time and resources for HR teams. From screening to pre-qualification, watsonx with HR specific skills can automates repetitive tasks, allowing recruiters to focus on building relationships with candidates and conducting more meaningful interviews. By optimizing the recruitment process, organizations can enhance the candidate experience and attract a wider pool of diverse talent.

The Benefits of Using ThisWay Global for Diversity Recruitment

By leveraging ThisWay Global’s diverse recruitment features and technologies, organizations can achieve a range of positive outcomes that contribute to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our diversity recruiting software offers a multifaceted solution for talent acquisition, providing various benefits for organizations of any size. With the ability to handle a large volume of applicants, whether it’s 10 or 10,000, ThisWay Global ensures scalability to cater to the recruitment needs of any enterprise.

Furthermore, ThisWay Global’s matching engine is trained through 15 trillion matching events, without any human influence. As a result, our platform offers true and unbiased matching, enabling organizations to instantly benefit from a diverse talent pool. ThisWay Global’s advanced features, such as enhanced profile views and transferable skills analysis, further enhance the candidate selection process. Our platform goes beyond traditional recruiting methods by analyzing the entire work history and diverse skill sets of candidates, making it easier to identify quality candidates efficiently.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your talent acquisition process with ThisWay Global. Book a demo today and see how our technology can drive your recruitment success.