Diversity Recruitment Best Practices

Diversity Recruitment Best Practices

Diversity recruitment is a crucial aspect of building a successful and inclusive workforce. It’s not just about meeting quotas or ticking boxes; it’s about harnessing the power of different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to drive innovation and create a more vibrant and dynamic workplace. Let’s explore the best practices for diversity recruitment and how incorporating ThisWay technology can enhance these practices.

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Understanding the Importance of Diversity Recruitment in the Workplace

Creating a diverse workforce has numerous benefits. Firstly, it leads to improved decision-making and problem-solving. When a team is composed of individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives, they are more likely to approach challenges from various angles, leading to more innovative solutions. 

Secondly, a diverse workforce enhances employee morale and engagement. Employees feel valued and included when they see individuals from different backgrounds succeeding and contributing to the organization. 

Finally, diversity recruitment is crucial for meeting the needs of a global marketplace. By having a workforce that reflects the diversity of customers, companies can better understand and cater to their needs. 

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Best Practices for Diversity Recruitment

Implementing best practices for diversity recruitment is crucial for organizations committed to fostering inclusivity and building a diverse workforce. Organizations that prioritize and implement these best practices will not only increase diversity within their workforce but also reap the benefits of improved innovation, employee morale, and a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

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Building an Inclusive Company Culture

One of the key best practices for diversity recruitment is building an inclusive company culture. An inclusive culture fosters an environment where individuals from all backgrounds and experiences feel welcome, valued, and comfortable expressing their ideas. To build such a culture, companies should implement diversity training programs that educate employees on the importance of diversity and inclusion. These programs can raise awareness about unconscious biases and promote understanding and empathy among team members. 

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Educating Hiring Managers on Unconscious Biases

Hiring managers play a crucial role in the recruitment process, and their biases can unknowingly impact the diversity of candidates selected. To overcome this challenge, it is important to educate hiring managers on unconscious biases. By raising their awareness, they can develop a better understanding of their own biases and make more objective and inclusive hiring decisions.

Training programs for hiring managers can include workshops, interactive sessions, and case studies that highlight common biases and their impact on the recruitment process. These programs should emphasize the importance of evaluating candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and potential, rather than making judgments based on personal biases. By equipping hiring managers with the tools and knowledge to identify and mitigate biases, organizations can ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process.

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Expanding Recruitment Channels

Expanding recruitment channels is another vital best practice for diversity recruitment. Relying solely on traditional methods can limit the diversity of candidates applying for job openings. To attract a more diverse pool of applicants, companies should consider utilizing platforms that connect with diverse talent.

There are online platforms and job boards specifically designed to reach underrepresented groups. These platforms target and attract candidates from diverse backgrounds, including minority groups, women, veterans, and individuals from marginalized communities. Partnering with such platforms can significantly increase the chances of attracting a diverse applicant pool.

It is also important to establish relationships with diverse organizations, attend career fairs focused on underrepresented groups, and engage in outreach initiatives targeted at diverse communities. Building connections with these communities can help organizations tap into talent pools that might otherwise be missed through traditional recruitment methods. 

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Reviewing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions play a crucial role in attracting candidates to a position. However, if not carefully crafted, they can inadvertently deter diverse candidates. To ensure inclusivity, organizations should review and modify job descriptions to remove any unnecessary barriers to entry for underrepresented groups.

Using gender-neutral language in job descriptions is essential to attract candidates from all backgrounds and genders. Avoiding gender-specific terms and language helps create a more inclusive atmosphere and ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds feel welcome to apply.

In addition to gender-neutral language, organizations should also review job requirements to ensure they are truly necessary for the role. Often, requirements that are not essential can discourage otherwise qualified candidates from applying. By removing unnecessary barriers, organizations can attract a broader range of candidates and increase the diversity of their applicant pool.

Incorporating ThisWay Into Diversity Recruitment Best Practices

ThisWay is an innovative AI-powered platform that can significantly enhance diversity recruitment efforts. With its unique features – Attract, Discover, Reveal, and Score – ThisWay seamlessly integrates into existing talent acquisition processes and aligns with diversity recruiting best practices. Let’s explore how each feature ties into these practices.


ThisWay takes and de-biases a job description or posting and shares it with qualified individuals within ThisWay’s Network. By debiasing job descriptions, the platform ensures that the language used is inclusive and free from any unnecessary barriers to entry for underrepresented groups. ThisWay’s wide network of diverse talent ensures that the job posting reaches a diverse pool of qualified candidates, aligning with the goal of expanding recruitment channels and attracting a more diverse applicant pool.


This feature allows recruiters to research candidates based on skills, which is especially helpful for building a job description. When crafting job descriptions, it is important to focus on desired skills and qualifications rather than specific educational backgrounds or experiences that may unintentionally exclude diverse candidates. By leveraging this feature, recruiters can ensure that the job description emphasizes skills over potential exclusionary criteria, thereby aligning with best practices for inclusive job descriptions.


ThisWay integrates with a company’s existing talent acquisition platform to reveal past candidates within the company who may be a great fit for a new job opening. This is particularly valuable for diversity recruitment. Often, companies receive applications from diverse candidates who may not be selected for one job opening but possess valuable skills and experiences. This feature allows recruiters to rediscover these candidates and consider them for new opportunities, maximizing the diversity of the talent pipeline and aligning with the best practice of building an inclusive company culture where individuals from all backgrounds are recognized and valued.


This feature enables companies to upload a job description and a resume to score candidates. ThisWay’s AI-powered algorithm evaluates the match between the job requirements and the candidate’s qualifications, providing an objective and unbiased scoring system. In diversity recruitment, unconscious biases can significantly impact candidate evaluations. This feature mitigates this by providing an impartial evaluation based on qualifications, effectively reducing the influence of biases on the recruitment process. This aligns with the best practice of educating hiring managers on unconscious biases and creating a fair and inclusive recruitment process.

ThisWay is a powerful tool that addresses key aspects of diversity recruitment. By leveraging our innovative features, organizations can attract diverse talent, create inclusive job descriptions, consider past applicants, and reduce biases in candidate evaluations. If you’re ready to leverage our talent acquisition software for your organization, book a demo today.