COVID-19 information and resources for nonprofits



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Original Source: Monitor Institute by Deloitte

Monitor Institute by Deloitte is a team that works with social impact–-focused organizations and their leaders, providing COVID-19 information and resources for nonprofits to help them make the hard choices and take the necessary actions to advance progress on pressing societal challenges.

They’ve compiled and shared relevant resources for nonprofits to help them manage the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to general information about nonprofits and their operating environment, their guide also includes deep dives into the education and workforce development sectors. This resource hub was designed with three main audiences in mind:

We have three different audiences in mind:

  • Nonprofit leaders looking for relevant information and resources to more effectively manage the impacts of COVID-19 for their types of organizations
  • Philanthropic funders looking to support their grantees throughout and after the crisis 
  • Nonprofit board members looking to understand ways to guide the organizations they advise

A special thank you to Monitor Institute by Deloitte for highlighting our partnership with Maslo to help tackle unemployment and workforce challenges through emphatic computing and AI matching. If you would like to download the full report (which I highly recommend), please do so here.

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COVID-19 Information And Resources For Nonprofits
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