Will Fighter Jet Technology Help You Land Your Next Job?

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ThisWay Global | Press Release October 2015
ThisWay Global contact: Angela Hood – Founder/CEO
Mb: +44 7580 686431 | Email: angela@thiswayglobal.com

ThisWay Global’s cost effective web/mobile app platform, ‘GPS for hiring’, reduces the hiring fatigue at every level. Employers find the people they need. Willing and able workers find the jobs that best suits their potential. And it’s all made possible by leveraging fighter jet technology and proven Cambridge University developed algorithms… ThisWay.

By leveraging fighter jet methodology, proven algorithms from Cambridge University PhD’s, Fortune 100 expertise and the collaboration of more than 50 millennial from across the globe, ThisWay has developed an All Source Positioning and Navigation (ASPN) based web/mobile app focused on solving the trillion $ hiring problem.

Just imagine being able to open up a map on your phone to find your next job. And like a smart phone map, it doesn’t discriminate. It provides direction for anyone who has access to it.

ThisWay has enabled on-demand hiring at a fraction of the cost and time, by successfully disrupting the marketplace, without disrupting business. Early success has been demonstrated through locating temporary event staffing, professional horse racing jockeys and even the unicorn of the pharmacology world: a biological statistician in regulatory toxicology. Some job posts cost as little as £5, or $7, and with no additional recruiting fees.

That’s the Wow and the how is covered by patents and trade secrets. The innovation will be demonstrated for the first time at V-176 Village Green Thursday, November 5 or IN ADVANCE by appointment only.

ThisWay’s users navigate their professional course in complete privacy and without the need for a resume/CV; meeting significant market demand. This demand was evidenced by acquisition of more than 200,000 business and individual users in just a few months time. Incubation at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge, funding from five countries, the founder and early revenue has fueled stealthy research and development for the last 18 months.

We are really excited to reveal how our #GPS4Hiring works for Business, Individual and Groups and as a selected ALPHA startup, we could think of no better place than the Web Summit for this first time event. I’d like to personally invite you to come share your thoughts with us, find your next job or your next employee… ThisWay.”
Angela Hood, Founder/CEO (from Austin, Texas)

Screenshots available upon request

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