Unbiased Matching is Industry Winner at HR Technology Conference & Expo

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sources: Yahoo Finance & PRnewswire

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ThisWay, an HR tech start-up offering innovative, unbiased matching for the global recruitment and staffing industries, takes home the Pitchfest Award and $5,000 cash prize underwritten by Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Founder and CEO, Angela Hood leads ThisWay’s team of artificial intelligence and HR technology experts who came together to reduce overwhelming bias in hiring. The company’s technology delivers improved candidate experience and significant return on investment for the world’s most prestigious and innovative companies.

One key differentiator is their technology lives within applicant tracking systems and job boards, making sophisticated technology accessible for recruitment professionals and companies focused on digital transformation.

“We have all suffered as a result of bias, but our team is passionate about building artificial intelligence-based technology that removes this bias and helps us to each be the best version of ourselves,” says Hood.

An industry record of more than 10,000 HR tech professionals were on hand at the second annual HR Technology Conference & Expo Pitchfest sponsored by Randstad Innovation Fund, to vote for their favorite industry innovation.

More than 100 companies were vying for the award and the pack was narrowed in the first round, immediately following a keynote from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. 

Ultimately Ai4JOBS and its suite of products was crowned as the industry attendee favorite.

ThisWay is headquartered in downtown Austin, TX.

Hood received a BS in Construction Science from Texas A&M University and was incubated at ideaSpace-University of Cambridge and is a recognized industry leader, authority, keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur in the field of scalable and artificial intelligence technologies.

Some dream of a world without bias in the workplace and Hood’s team is making that dream a reality…ThisWay.

For more information contact:

ThisWay: Main Office 512-489-0489

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