ThisWay Global announces FloCareer As Inaugural UIP Partner

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In a significant development within the HR tech industry, ThisWay® Global, a pioneering AI bias-removal and talent acquisition sourcing technology, has recently announced a strategic partnership with FloCareer®, marking the latter as an inaugural Universal Integration Platform (UIP) partner. This collaboration holds promise for enhancing the recruitment and job-matching processes, revolutionizing the process for both job seekers and TA professionals. 

ThisWay Global’s alliance with FloCareer is a groundbreaking step towards creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both TA professionals and job seekers. FloCareer is a leading HR tech company that provides the leading Interview as a Service platform which helps clients hire faster, smarter and better at scale.With FloCareer’s involvement, job seekers can anticipate a more efficient experience. This partnership will not only benefit job seekers but also employers looking to find the right talent. The UIP platform will offer employers a streamlined approach to viewing candidate profiles, assessing skills, and making informed hiring decisions. This will enable recruiters to efficiently identify top candidates, leading to faster and more accurate hiring processes.

As quoted by Mehul Bhatt, FloCareer CEO and CoFounder, “Becoming an early partner with ThisWay’s UIP, we’re breaking new ground in hiring efficiency. We can integrate our interview evaluation platform with our clients’ existing Application Tracking Systems and other HR technologies to optimize the recruitment procedures, improving the hiring experience for companies and candidates alike.” 

The partnership between ThisWay Global and FloCareer signifies a transformative step forward in the HR tech realm. The collaboration promises a future where job seekers and employers can seamlessly connect, making the job search and hiring process a more enjoyable and efficient experience for all parties involved. 

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