4 Qualities of a “Unicorn Hire” and How to Attract This Kind of Employee

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The Starbucks Unicorn Frappe has been making some pretty big waves on social media. This sweet-n-sour, pink and blue, swirly sprinkle-topped concoction is drawing in customers with its distinct look, unique flavor combinations, and homage to everyone’s favorite mythical creature, the unicorn. While the lines stay long for this fantastical beverage, recruiters are also on the hunt for a different kind of unicorn: The Unicorn Hire.

The Unicorn Hire, much like the frappe of the same name, has distinct, unique qualities that set them apart from the crowd:

1) They can do two highly valuable jobs, that are unrelated, simultaneously, with an elevated level of competency.

For example, a person who is a lawyer, as well as a specialist in the generic drug distribution industry.

2) They are a savant that can and is willing to engage in business communications and adhere to business requirements.

For example, a person who suffers from Asperger’s and agoraphobia, but can also write the code to upright the Mars Rover.

3) A person with work experience and deep knowledge of a hobby that combines to make them perfectly suited to solve unique or emerging problems.

For example, many of the first drone developers had a deep background in the building of high-quality model airplanes, combined with the ability to see how lightweight aircraft and a bird’s eye view could change the face of care, delivery, and support across the globe.

4) Finally, they are overlooked because they miss one very simple-to-acquire skill.

For example, you can create a great digital editor if you take a traditional editor and teach them HTML5. This course is free or at a small charge through MOOC’s.


So, how does a company attract this kind of employee?

Unicorns Love Happiness

While it may seem intuitive, there’s a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to providing benefits tailored to attract a Unicorn Hire. As an employee with unique abilities, chances are they may have unique workplace preferences or necessities. Candid communication about what the company can do to provide a desirable culture for the Unicorn Hire will remove a lot of the guess work.  


Unicorns Can Be Misunderstood

There has been significant progress in the fight for providing equal employment opportunities for people who may not think in quite the same way as others. That doesn’t mean that the process is without snags. Often, these candidates face difficulties in traditional interview settings and suffer in their careers for it, even if they’re fully capable of completing tasks. Being open to alternate interview methods or application submissions can expand your hiring pool to include that portion of the population that may typically be unnoticed.


Unicorns Are People Too

While the Unicorn may have an elusive degree-experience combination that provides vital insight to a role that needs filling, they are not actually a unicorn. The Unicorn Hire has these unique contributions to make due to hard work and perseverance in their field.

Sacrifices have been made for the sake of furthering their education and experience so that they may be in the position they are today, and that is one of leverage in a job interview. They have a need to be taken care of by their employer, and in return, provide exceptional results to the problems they’re asked to solve.


Reaching out to the candidates that other employers pass by may seem difficult at first, but with ThisWay Global’s unique hiring platform, those candidates are within reach.

If you’re having trouble finding that Unicorn Hire for your company, get in touch with someone at ThisWay Global for details on taking advantage of our trademarked Match-ic technology.

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