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ThisWay Global’s Founder and CEO, Angela Hood, has taken more than one stab at the start-up venture. She’s built beautiful, customized homes, designed fashion-forward sportswear for women, and is now completely changing the way people approach hiring.

Before any of that, however, Angela started a family. The pursuit of her career was put on a brief hold, just long enough to regroup after giving birth to me and my brother. I remember knowing my mother was a working mom from an early age, but thinking nothing of it.

Not all women make this same decision. Sometimes, they wait until after their children have moved out of the house completely. Regardless of the road chosen, ThisWay is here to alleviate the pressures brought on by the post-motherhood career chase.

There have probably been quite a few changes to the process of finding a job since last dusting off your resume. The rise of technology has introduced new tools in the workplace. Self-learning programs, virtual/augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the technological advances to expect. This also comes with a necessary willingness to learn if you want to succeed.

There is a rise in reverse mentoring as well so that the older generation of employees can keep up with the exponential growth in technology. If your company doesn’t offer it, suggest it to your peers and see if you can’t get it started yourself. At the very least, get to know some of the younger interns and they will be happy to help you navigate through any confusion with workplace tech.

Women have dealt with opposition in the workplace in subtle ways that are now being combatted with countless articles on battling workplace sexism. Business-media giant, Fortune.com, has even taken their own stance against the not-so-new subtleties trying to bring women down.

Brush up on some of these techniques yourself so that your first impression is one that commands respect. It’s important to carry yourself like the powerhouse you are. Put in a few extra minutes to make sure you feel excellent as you walk out the door, as that ego boost is something others will see and feel when they interact with you. Ideally, with ThisWay’s revolutionary job-matching software, you’ll be connected with a workplace culture conducive to what will feed your success.

Here at ThisWay, we know there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re attempting to jump back into the workflow. That’s why, when you create your own personal passport, you’ll be asked important questions that will allow us to better match you with the career you deserve. The company will also be blind to any personal details, forcing them to focus solely on your credentials, experience, and value to the company. By removing this bias, we remove the roadblocks that keep you from the career of a lifetime. Sign up now to learn more about how we’re helping you succeed in the new world of work.

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