Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

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As Automated Intelligence (AI) is getting more ‘intelligent’ day by day, so do the applications of it. Today, there aren’t any of the top sectors which are not using AI in their business. From energy to telecom to healthcare and automotive, the intelligent business leads are capable enough to unleash the power of AI in their business process to automate many things to save time, labor and ultimately, cost.

Amongst many industries, Human resource is an industry that can easily leverage the AI methodologies and upon integration of AI in HR processes, the concerned professionals can make intelligent and bias-free decisions. Many big organizations including many of the fortune 500 companies and other big recruiting platforms have acknowledged that they are using at least some form of AI in their recruiting processes and they have gained multiple benefits from doing so.

This denotes the fact that AI can be and is, getting used as a standalone technology in human resource operations. This blog talks about hows and whats of Automated Intelligence in Human Resources.

So in which possible ways does automated intelligence get used in human resources operations?

Candidate shortlisting

Dealing with a large pool of candidates for a limited number of positions is an issue that is faced regularly by HR teams. And, just making sure all the candidates go through the same kind of screening test for shortlisting doesn’t exactly do the job. So, shortlisting candidates that are matching to your job descriptions and categorizing them according to their skills, years of experience and relevance to the job opening is a crucial task to perform.

With the help of advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques these things can be handled with a good amount of accuracy.

 In candidate shortlisting, AI can help in following ways,

●     Resume Screening

●     Skills and experience fetching using advance machine learning techniques

●     Finding right talent for the open positions

●     Matching the job description with the resume

●     Understanding the sentiment from cover letters


Employee Engagement and Retention

Managing the existing talent base is one of the key challenges that HR personnel face. From knowing the health of work culture to overall satisfaction, it can be tricky enough to manage and engage the employee and get to know the real insights. Automated robot systems that are backed by AI to collect employee data and their feedback to understand the crucial insights to,

  ●   Create and employ better retention policies.

●     Give personalized recommendations for new learning opportunities based on working style and new project requirements

●     Identify right prospects for promotion as well as demotion if required


AI based chatbot

As a support platform that can be made available for employees as well as onboarding candidates, Chatbots are always a go to medium. As we state that in HR processes we want unbiased personnel who can understand the feedback and respond in real time manner to the user queries, a well fine tuned chatbot can always be brought into picture. Apart from employee feedback, chatbots can be helpful for onboarding processes as well. For example,

  ●     Scheduling or rescheduling the interviews

●     Helping the candidates with required details, screening test platforms & regarding their issues

●     Observing and analyzing a prospects candidature apart from their technical skills and ability


Manpower Analytics

Manpower analytics is a crucial need in a rising competitive environment. AI backed intelligent systems can help managerial personnel by providing some key insights of an employee like peak productivity timings, daily pattern of working style, engagement with other employees depending on their workload, which team is likely to breach the deadlines and who is the one likely to quit. They can make use of these insights to make informed decisions for avoiding the conflicts way before they arise

Thus, you can definitely use the various AI techniques for automating your various HR operations but that can only be done with the help of sufficient data and intelligent decision makers because as of now, AI is not capable enough to replace the people at work, rather it is there to support the people at work.


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