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In the fast-paced world of recruitment, it’s your responsibility as a business to keep up with the latest trends in the industry like using the latest techniques, software, and technology. Businesses that use modern recruitment best practices are giving themselves a better chance at attracting top talent.

Just this year, the HR industry’s share of the tech market is $14 billion, which is dominated by recruitment software. In line with this recruitment trend, the market for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), is already worth $3 billion.

Recruitment can be a daunting task for bigger organizations that get larger numbers of applicants, but it can be just as hard for small businesses, as they may not have adequate time and resources to allocate to HR and recruiting. It takes time to find, select, screen, and interview applicants. Luckily, modern recruitment software can make life a little easier.

Recruitment software assists in applicant sourcing and tracking, recruiting analytics, pre-hire assessment and background checking, and lastly, onboarding. All of which are handled by the software, which also makes accessing that information far more convenient.

Below is a list of effective recruitment software you can try today:

Applicant Tracking System


Internet Collaborative Information Management System (iCIMS) is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that has the second biggest market share. This tool is very beneficial for companies that are transitioning from paper-based applications to digital.

All the functions you need are accessible through one dashboard which includes monitoring of job postings, analyzing recruitment data, and observing the status of the applications that your company gets.

The tool also integrates with social media because of their Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework. It provides branding connection and onboarding through iCIMS Connect and iCIMS Onboard respectively.


Client to candidate engagement and interaction has never been this easy. It collects all candidate-related information to share to your clients quickly. In line with that, CATS allows you to export data from popular job posting sites such as LinkedIn and Monster.

The software also gives you the source of the top candidate you’re getting so that you know which job posting site works best for the position and company.


Jobscience sticks to the core functions of their recruitment software: find, engage, qualify, hire, measure & optimize, and trust.

As it says on their website, these are the ingredients for the science of recruiting. It also has a mobile branding job board so you’re always on the lookout for new talent.

Oracle Taleo

It’s a cloud-based talent acquisition and talent management recruitment software. Acquired by Oracle in 2012, Taleo software has continued to provide what they call “Talent Intelligence”, which is essentially an enhanced level of insight into candidates and employees.

The software gives you a personalized report for hiring top talent according to the job position you’re trying to fill.

Recruitment Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)


Once you’ve hired the right candidates, it’s important to manage your talent along the way. With Workday, you get streamlined access to information which includes finance, HR, performance, payroll, analytics and compensation tools.

This recruitment software focuses on holistically improving the talent management experience through effective employee data management.


Considered as Forrester Wave of Talent in 2015, Jobvite is a cloud-based ATS. This recruitment software is the perfect pair for midsize and enterprise recruiting companies. It divides itself to address to all your recruitment needs in four major functions:

  • Jobvite Refer – It allows the recruiters to make use of the power of social media to find candidates.
  • Jobvite Engage – This is effectively a portal whereby applicants can maintain communication with the brand and engage in recruitment activities.
  • Jobvite Hire – Applicant tracking and processing is handled by this module, collating the entirety of the selection process into a simple dashboard.
  • Jobvite Video – For applicants who can’t be physically in the office, Jobvite allows an on-demand video interview.


This recruitment software can service any type and size of business. It’s an all-in-one platform that you can customize to satisfy your needs (payroll, employee benefits, HR).

UltiPro also provides a branded portal where your workforce can stay informed and keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening with the company.


For recruiting and staffing agencies, Bullhorn works as an Applicant Tracking System and a Candidate Relationship Management tool, which enables you to attract, engage, and nurture your current set of candidates.

Bullhorn also allows you to put information side by side like sales and recruitment. For example, your company needs to hire a specific number of people to achieve the sales goal of the company.

Employer Branding


Glassdoor serves as the Rotten Tomatoes for companies who are recruiting and is one of the top recruiting software that focuses on employer branding. It releases a “Best Places to Work” list every year as an inbound resource to attract top talent.

The Muse

The Muse emphasizes that a candidate’s decision to join your company doesn’t solely rely on your job posting.

Nowadays, candidates look beyond the surface. They are becoming critical to the company’s site, social media presence, and branding. This is where The Muse comes in.

Basically, Muse lets you build you a strong company profile, assists you in promoting it, and allows you to see how exactly these candidates end up on your doorstep.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recruitment automation, Ideal optimizes and automates tasks that are eating too much of your time such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interview scheduling.

It’s also a flexible recruitment software, as it can integrate with your existing ATS.

IBM Watson

This recruitment software is more on the cognitive side and prides itself to be self-thinking software. In fact, it won a game of Jeopardy against two of the world’s greatest Jeopardy champions. This goes to show that AI for recruitment automation is capable of learning and problem-solving.

Moreover, it can unify the recruiting workflow. Now, this can be very tedious to accomplish manually, especially for high-volume recruitment and repetitive tasks.


At ThisWay Global, we see company recruiters as partners. Match-ic elevates the number of applicants reached, organizes applications in volume recruitment through advanced algorithms, and taps unicorn hires along the way.

Candidate Testing


HackerRank is a job-search and recruitment platform that’s specifically focused on digital engineers (programmers and developers). This tool helps businesses source, screen, and interview applicants.

The key selling point of this platform is their existing community of over two million developers. With their software, businesses can identify top-performers that are the best possible fit for their brand’s needs.


The assessment of candidates can be quantified through OutMatch. This recruitment software provides workforce analytics through behavioral interviewing and online reference checking. After the process, it shows which candidates pass your Match Score based on their strengths, skills, and motivations..



SilkRoad believes that talent activation is the key to a company’s success. Any employee (full-time, part-time, freelancers or interns) should be engaged and informed about the company’s goals and mission.

If you’re the type of company that wants to clearly define the scope and function of every employee in your company, this is the recruitment software for you. Onboarding doesn’t stop once the applicant becomes an employee. SilkRoad says that onboarding happens every day from transitional situations to performance evaluations.


As your new hire comes in, he or she should be accustoming themselves to the company’s processes and culture in the quickest and most efficient way possible. BambooHR is hailed as the top recruiting software for onboarding because it provides a branded portal where new hires can learn everything they need to know about your company.

Aside from that, the software also includes payroll and performance management and ATS. Moreover, it’s a Web based recruitment software. If you have the device and Internet connection, you can use the software immediately.

Kin HR

Kin HR focuses on productivity in recruitment. It thinks about the “people and not the paper.” Everything is web-based for this recruitment software so the entire company can utilize it.

Small businesses will benefit the most from this software because it maximizes the resources available to drive the most progressive results. Tasks, tips, and basic contact info of everyone in the company are included in the software to inspire a seamless employee transition.


There are a lot of different recruitment software available. Naturally, you’ll have to do a bit of research to identify the strengths of each software and which works best for the recruitment needs of your company.

Keep in mind that adopting these recruitment solutions is a long-term strategy, so you have to think of the bigger and longer picture when deciding. At the end of the day, investing in a good recruitment software is just like your decision-making process for your next hire.

You don’t have to look far. ThisWay Global is a leading employment software for both companies and job seekers alike. Find out how we can enhance your recruitment process today!

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