For Individuals

In about 1480, Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first ever Curriculum Vitae. Fast-forward 500 years, and we are still modeling our own CV’s on his original format; and that stinks!

So, we have changed the CV into a dynamic profile that is free, engaging, private, preference based and most importantly interacts with our Big Data and Match-ic algorithm to deliver opportunities that suit you.

If you have not yet entered the world of work, or are looking for your ideal pathway, are on the career ladder at whatever level, or even an experienced unicorn; find opportunities to succeed in a job pathway that works for your life, your preferences, your skills and your unique talents.

For millennials and post-millennials

For people who do not know about the ways of work, your profile provides a way of finding out what you can do, and how you can get to do it.

For people on the career ladder who are not fully satisfied

The technology within our platform allows you to find work that appeals to your interests, preferences and talents without perpetually being ‘on the hunt’.

For senior professionals

Our profile can deliver the job that provides the opportunities to succeed defined by you, where compensation is not always just defined by salary alone.

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